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White & Gold Mini Vanity Tray

White & Gold Mini Vanity Tray

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Perfect for holding a few small treasured items like rings and small jewelry items, keys, or incense bundles. Inspired by small spaces everywhere, this tray doesn't take up too much room on your counter or bedside table and fits plenty of everyday items that you'll want to keep close. 

Thoughtfully made with obsidian stoneware & hand painted with 22k gold luster accents.

approx. 5 1/2" long, and 4" wide.

Always spot clean with a gentle cloth by hand. The glaze used on this tray is food safe and non-toxic, however, the gold can be a bit delicate. Be careful not to scratch the gold surface with anything too rough.

Due to the handmade nature of this piece, there are some subtle differences between each tray and the finish of the glaze or the exact pattern of the gold. 

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