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    Who Made It | El Camino de los Altos | Mexico

    A Maya weaver artisan from El Camino de los Altos cooperative in Chiapas Mexico
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    El Camino de los Altos is a weaving cooperative of more than 130 Maya women living in the rural mountains of Chiapas, southern Mexico. El Camino artisans utilize back strap...

    Who Made It: Artisan Habibou Coulibaly | Burkina Faso

    Thread Spun and Cannonball Collective fair trade artisan Habibou Coulibaby from Burkina Faso
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    Originally from Mali, Coulibaby now lives in Yam Tinga, Burkina Faso. Influenced greatly by his grandmother, his family and his cultural traditions, Coulibaby utilizes a natural-dye called bogolan in creating his fair trade textiles. Bogolan, or "Bogola Fini" in the native Bambara language, is a dye made of clay, grains, tree leaves, and other organic materials.

    Who Made It: The Artisans of Yoyamay | Burma

    Owner of Thread Spun artisan partner, Yoyamay, arranges hand woven textiles.
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    We love all of our artisan partners, but the weavers of Burma have a special place in our hearts. The woven textiles of the Karen people of Burma greatly inspired...

    Who Made It: The Artisans of Le Ndomo Social Enterprise | Mali

    Fair trade artisan works at Le Ndomo in Mali, partner of Thread Spun handmade bags.
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    Photo courtesy of Le Ndomo Thread Spun's newest artisan partner organization is Le Ndomo, located in Segou, Mali. Created to address a lack of professional opportunity in the region, Le...

    Who Made It: The Artisans of Maya Traditions | Guatemala

    Handmade clutches by Thread Spun feature artisan textiles and environmentally-friendly materials
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    Thread Spun currently works with artisans in three countries, including the women of Maya Traditions Foundation in Guatemala. Like Thread Spun, Maya Traditions is committed to increasing access to fair...

    What's Love Got To Do With It?: Why Handmade is Better

    Thread Spun creates handmade goods including surfboard bags and clutches using artisan and fair trade fabrics like this.
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    Before I started Thread Spun, the last time I had made anything with my hands (other than my kid's dinner) was at summer camp in 7th grade. I sewed a...

    Repurposing Food: How to Make Your Own Natural Dyes

    Thread Spun shows you how to make your own natural dyes to create handmade goods.
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    For months we have been working on creating some new and unique, handmade bags, and recently purchased a bunch of 100% organic cotton zippers to complete them. We wanted to...

    The Tale of A Mermaid: An Interview with Devon DeMint

    Blogger Devon DeMint swims in the ocean.
    Posted on
    When I first met Devon through another "mom friend" I immediately thought, "she's cool". And not cool like too-cool, or intimidating, or over-the-top, but rather the kind of cool that...

    Go Green: How to Be a More Eco-Friendly Surfer

    Thread Spun founder's son cleans up trash at the beach and is a future, green surfer.
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    Our son, Arlo, has a limited vocabulary, but he's picked up new word lately and that word is "trash". While I'm happy he's communicating it makes me sad to realize...

    Where to Surf Like a Local in North County San Diego

    Swami's beach and surf break
    Posted on
    If you're headed to North County from out of town you may be wondering which of the many breaks are worth your while. We've got you covered with a guide...

    Weaving Stories: Highlight of the Simple Backstrap Loom

    Weaving Stories: Highlight of the Simple Backstrap Loom
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    Utilizing simple backstrap looms in the weaving of textiles is a staple of cultures throughout the world, from Guatemala to Burma. This type of loom is so ancient that some...

    To Be or Not to Be (Purposeful AND Beautiful): The Value of Artisans

    Artisan made and fair trade textiles used by Thread Spun to make handmade surfboard bags.
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    Before I started Thread Spun, I heard the word "artisan" thrown around all the time. Whether it was "artisan cheese" or "artisan bagels" or "artisan furniture", it seemed to me...

    Poppy Power: Searching for the California Superbloom

    Thread Spun founders take a break from surfing to hike Southern California.
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    "People say we are trying to stop time and hold on to flower power." - Camilla Roslind Today marked the first day of Spring, but the poppies didn't need a...

    On Being a Woman and Rising Above

    Thread Spun honors women and refugees with this Shepard Fairey poster of a Muslim American woman.
    Posted on
    When I am questioning my own courage, I think of Pleh's. Over the course of her life she has been challenged in innumerable ways. Her safety, well-being, happiness, even her life have been threatened. And yet she rises. She persists. She perseveres. She finds ways to expand her horizons even in times that almost demand they shrink.

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