Handmade Goods for the Better Good

Thread Spun storefront Encinitas, California

Our mission at Thread Spun is to utilize your investment in our goods to create meaningful employment, empower artisans, and preserve unique cultures, all while protecting our earth. 

We believe in sustainable development and fair wages for makers, and are putting people and the planet first in our fair trade business. Form and function are important to us, but mean nothing if goods are not produced ethically. We know that things made by hand are made to last, and true beauty is found in unique things made with pride.

Shop with confidence knowing everything in our brick and mortar and online shop create economic opportunity and fair wages for the makers. We work directly with nonprofit organizations, social enterprises, and cooperatives around the world that are increasing socioeconomic standards in their communities through production of fair trade goods. We also partner with small, independent brands in the U.S. and Canada and respectfully pay artists and makers their asking prices.

We donate 10% of all sales to our 501(c)(3) charity partner, Circle of Health International, and participate actively in auctions for charitable purposes including Still We Rise.

We promise that all of our branded products:

Are created with artisan-made textiles sourced from partners in countries around the world committed to fair trade and the use of traditional (low-impact) methods and natural dyes.

Are sewn by former refugees resettled in the U.S., paid fair wages. We pay a starting wage of $18 per hour, and do not believe in paying per-piece for production.

Utilize environmentally-conscious materials at all stages of production and distribution from organic cottons to recycled and upcycled packaging materials.

Mele Saili for Thread Spun, featuring a stack of handmade and eco-friendly surfboard bags in Encinitas.

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