Gift a unique piece of art this holiday season by Katie Gong

A Gift Guide for the Ones Who Defy the Average Gift Guide

Do you have someone in your life who is a little bit artsy, a little bit unconventional, and always marching to the beat of their own drum? Finding the perfect gift for these unique kindred spirits can be a challenge. But fear not! We've put together a gift guide that is sure to delight and surprise even the most eccentric individuals in your life. 

Read on to discover new brands and singular goods for each of the most unique individuals. We have you covered for the Art Lover, the Witchy Goddess, the Crafty Heart and the Adventurous Spirit on your list. 

These one-of-a-kind humans are no doubt the hardest to buy for but when you nail it- they’ll treasure your thoughtfulness for a lifetime.


Sustainable Gifts for Art Appreciators

Katie Gong: This innovative San Francisco artist creates authentic steam bent sculptures and woodwork. Inspired by the physical beauty of the California landscape, Katie has often said that she hadn't really found her medium until she started bending wood. We love a woman who finds her calling. 

Katie Gong's Unique Wall Art | Thread Spun Holiday 2023 Gift Guide
Image courtesy of Katie Gong

Table Knot $75: A versatile piece of decor that will add beauty throughout a home or special event. This art object is perfect for displaying on a shelf or layering on top of a design book. The unique knot is also a creative option napkin wrap for elegant holiday dinners.   

Wooden knot by California artist Katie Gong | Thread Spun Sustainable Gift Guide

Small Knots $95: Using innovative steaming techniques, these Small Knots are carefully crafted to make beautiful wood sculptures. Available in 12 different options, each piece while small in stature, offers a bold presence in any space. 

Katie Gong Small Knot Wood Piece | Thread Spun


Scout Dunbar: A Tucson-based visual artist who captures the magic of the world around us through her whimsical interpretations of the natural spaces we all hold dear. Scout grew up in a family of female artists and her passion lies in making art that ignites the human spirit.

Scout Dunbar Self Portrait with Artwork
Image courtesy of Scout Dunbar

Road to Reno Print $65: Inspired by Taos, New Mexico (one of my personal favorite places on earth). Made with pigment ink on textured archival cotton rag paper.

Scout Dunbar Artwork | Thread Spun

Laurie Ann Art
: Laurie Ann is an acrylic fine art painter and educator living in Phoenix, AZ. Laurie Ann creates her pieces in her kitchen studio with the help of her sweet pup, Hazel. The desert landscape inspires her exploration of colors and textured materials. You can shop her lovely art prints in store at Thread Spun.

Saguaro Canvas Print $78: This piece was inspired by the Saguaro National Park outside of Tucson, AZ.

Laurie Anne Saguaro Canvas Art Print
Ochre Coast Canvas Print $58: Laurie took inspiration from the Cape Cod Coastline in MA.

Laurie Anne Ochre Coast Canvas Art Print

Gifts for the Witchy Goddesses

Serpent and Bow: Rachel Blodgett (she/her) is an artist and poetic spellcrafter from Santa Rosa, California. Working with natural materials and visual magic, Serpent & Bow explores transformative and liberatory embodiment through the creation, wear, and use of ritual artworks.

Home Charm: Anatomical Heart II $48: Handprinted anatomical heart on natural marigold and fig leaf dyed hemp/silk cloth. Adorned with vintage metallic ribbon, lavender ruffle, gold glass star, and black lace.

Serpent and Bow Home Charm Anatomical Heart !! | Thread Spun

Marigold + Coreopsis Sun Bra and Briefs $62-$68
 Organic cotton and lycra bralettes and high cut briefs, dyed rich golden yellow by garden grown marigold and coreopsis flowers. Handprinted in ombré magenta/plum/black textile inks, with elderflower, sun, crescent moons, and draped leafy garlands.

Serpent and Bow Marigold+Coreopsis Sun Bra and Briefs | Thread Spun

Anima Mundi: This healing apothecary was founded by herbalist and medicine maker, Adriana, who moved to Brooklyn from Costa Rica with a mission to bridge remedies from native people within Central and South America to modern day needs and imbalances.

Dream Tea $22This formula is composed of relaxing plants, also known as nervines, such as organic Skullcap, Blue Lotus, Passionflower and Kava Kava; Accompanied by restorative adaptogens, like Ashwagandha and Tulsi.


Dream tea bag with ceramic mug | Thread Spun


Calm Tea $20This is an exquisite and effective herbal tea for those dealing with stress, anxiety and symptoms of trauma. Contains essential nervines - nervous system decompressors -  that are known to greatly relax the system.


Anima Mundi Calm Loose Leaf Tea | Thread Spun


Punkwasp: Made by Badass Women for Badass People. Handmade items designed in California by Carrie Marill and made by hand in her SoCal studio.  

Blue Lace Luna Necklace $160Bathe in the cooling harmony of delicate blue lace agate beads and the dainty beam of a half-moon charm. From Punkwasp's Power Collection - one of a kind pieces designed to energetically align you with your highest self.


Punkwasp Blue Lace Luna Necklace | Thread Spun

Unearth: Homewares crafted in a woman-run studio, this brand is basically a coven bringing magic with their minimal, useful goods. Bring the warmth to your witchy one with heirloom quality stoneware.

Luna Incense Burner $160: Spark up this delightful mini chiminea to set a soulful vibe or cast spells from the bathtub while howling at the moon. Interior is handpainted black and clay is sourced from the American southwest.

Unearth Ceramic Studio Luna Incense Burner | Thread Spun

Gifts for the Crafty Hearts

Sew Loka: A Chicano fashion designer and a local San Diegan, Claudia Rodríguez-Biezunski was introduced to sewing at a very young age by her immigrant parents. Claudia sews and creates unique and edgy pieces from upcycled materials. You can visit Claudia's sewing studio and shop her unique pieces in the vibrant and beautiful community of Barrio Logan. She also offers sewing lessons and group workshops. Sign us up!  

Sew Loka Artist Claudia Rodríguez-Biezunski in front of her studio and shop | Thread Spun

Image Courtesy of Sew Loka

SL "Ride or Die" Psychedelic Cropped Tee $45Cropped tee made with upcycled fabric and recycled vintage fabric patch. Cropped & Sewed by Claudia. Bleached & dyed by Manny, Claudia's husband. 


Sew Loka Ride or Die Psychedelic Cropped Tee | Thread Spun Blog



Anemone VT: Ashley Seville, a self-taught sewist who lives in Vermont, is passionate about slow and sustainable fashion, bringing new life to old things, and thrives on the opportunity to create something beautiful yet functional that can be loved and appreciated.  

One-of-a-Kind: Four in a Nine Patch Liner Jacket $525Made from a vintage cotton quilt that is both hand-pieced and quilted, this one of a kind jacket is lightweight and yet, it'll still do a great job at keeping one warm. Knowing no one else in the world will have this exact jacket gives it that little extra touch of specialness.


Anemone VT One-of-a-Kind: Four in a Nine Patch Liner Jacket | Thread Spun Blog


One-of-a-Kind: 9 Patch Tote Bag $295This tote bag is the answer for work, life, the beach, picnics, commuting, school, and/or snacks galore! Features a 16 Patch pattern quilt on the outside complete with two fully lined outer pockets, a waxed canvas bottom panel for durability that will age beautifully over time, and leather straps that will soften with time.


Anemone VT One-of-a-Kind: 9 Patch Tote Bag | Thread Spun Blog


Softpaw Vintage: Textile artist, Taylor Randal, resides on her farm in Northern California and creates small batches of handmade clothing and accessories made from vintage textiles.  

Soft Paw Vintage Taylor Randal with Patchwork jacket | Thread Spun Blog
Image courtesy of Soft Paw Vintage

Table Cloth Top $100: A vintage table cloth turned into a simple top.

Softpaw Vintage Table Cloth Top | Thread Spun

Convivial: Now a full-scale design and production studio but began as a one woman operation with a ceramic wheel in her garage. Now she employs fellow creatives to bring beautiful tablescapes and garden goods to life. When creatives thrive, whole communities are brought to life. We are all about it!

Convivial Ikebana Vase No. 2 $90: Gift the Japanese art of flower arranging to your creative companion. This vase comes with a kenzan to keep flower stalks right where you place them. Available at Thread Spun or via their site.


Gifts for the Adventurous Spirits 

Fahari Bazaar: A gorgeous eye-popping brand for the world traveler who can’t help but stand out in the crowd. Fahari is the change maker behind the brand who uplifts women in her native Tanzania by providing well-compensated and reliable sewing jobs. Contemporary and small batch clothing is designed in Chatham New York and then hand dyed and sewn by skilled artisans in Tanzania. Gift your adventure seeker a timeless piece that is born by an adventure of its own.

Baba Hoodie $205: A statement piece that can layer & travel with you anywhere - designed with the intention to fit loosely to allow room for movement, layering and airflow. Made from 100% cotton Batiki fabric sourced directly from individual women artists who handprint and hand-dye them in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Rioba Fanny $60: Available in various patterning, these bags are perfect for on the go. With one roomy main compartment & two pockets, you'll be set with everything you need for the day as you're running out the door. Crafted from Batiki cotton just like the rest of their pieces.


Osei-Duro: There’s nothing cookie cutter about any piece made by Osei-Duro. Headquartered in Ghana, Osei-Duro is set on transforming the fashion landscape by sourcing and producing sustainably via small scale artisans. Gift the adventurous spirit in your life a unique garment with true soul due to the many hands that made it from scratch.

Fuga Flight Suit $220: Not only are their prints eye catching, so are their styles. With an easy fit through the torso & tapered sleeves & legs, this flight suit has been a proven hit throughout all seasons.

Stricta Turtleneck $160: See what I mean about their eye catching patterns? The color in this one is beyond, and the top is even comfortable and stretchy to boot!

The Highlands Foundry: Cue *audible gasp* upon unwrapping a gift by Highlands Foundry. Creations are made from vintage and sometimes even historic textiles that are fashioned into the next century as durable totes, romantic kimonos and rugged outerwear. A signature heirloom is what you can be sure to gift when you selected a Highlands Foundry piece to your free spirit- no matter how light they pack.

Crochet + Jacquard Haori Jacket $395: A one of a kind piece made from a vintage fringe blanket from the 1940's. 

The Highlands Foundry vintage one of a kind jacket

Yarrow Goods
Personalize your heartfelt gift to the trailblazer on your list.  Yarrow Goods create basics that will last a lifetime. Made entirely in California, you can be sure the baseball caps and crewnecks are quality and meant to last as long as they’re in style (forever).

The Ranger Unisex Tee $40: A silky soft tee that'll go with anything and everything. As Yarrow Goods put it, it's guaranteed to bring joy to anyone who wears it.

Yarrow Goods Unisex Ranger Tee | Thread Spun

Well, that's all she wrote folks (literally). Hopefully you're, at the very least, feeling a little more inspired in finding that perfect gift for those uniquely special individuals in your life. There's tons of interesting brands and makers out there, sometimes it just takes a little digging and venturing out of the norm. Wishing you a beautiful rest of your year. 

X, Heidi

By Darius photography | Thread Spun
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