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Umami Dashi Soy Sauce

Umami Dashi Soy Sauce


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Dashi is a umami packed flavor bomb. It’s also the backbone of most Japanese dishes. With the versatile flavors of dashi and soy sauce weaved together, a heavenly savory flavor and new staple is created!

Less Sodium: Abundant umami ensures no flavor loss, minus high sodium.

Barrel-Aged Fermentation: Cabi's soy sauce, aged in wooden soy sauce barrels, imparts unparalleled depth and complexity, elevating dishes with rich umami and a symphony of nuanced flavors.

Versatility Unleashed: Use it as a broth/soup base by adding hot/cold water for noodles/ramen or as more flavorful, low-sodium soy sauce replacement, or as dipping sauce.

Ingredients: Soy sauce (contains wheat), Sugar, Bonito Tuna Flakes, Sardine, Salt, Kombu, Mackerel Fish

All crafted in Japan.

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