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Frank Lloyd Wright Puzzle

Frank Lloyd Wright Puzzle


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The Frank Lloyd Wright Imperial Hotel 2-in-1 Sliding Wood Puzzle includes both a puzzle and a game. Side 1 is a tile puzzle featuring Wright’s Imperial Hotel Bronze Floor Plate Design and side 2 is the numbers challenge known as “Game of Fifteen”. To play “Game of Fifteen”, the 16th tile is removed. The player slides the tiles (without lifting them off the surface) to match the multiple number sequence challenges provided on the instruction sheet. The tiles are only lifted up to move when the player is stuck and wants to revert to the starting configuration for a new challenge.

Box Size: 7 x 7 x 1.8”, 180 x 180 x 46 mm

2 Piece Box
Wood tray holds 16 wood tile pieces
Side 1: Full Color Tile Puzzle
Side 2: Game of Fifteen
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