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Diné (Navajo) Silver Ring

Diné (Navajo) Silver Ring


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Sterling silver ring handmade by a group of women making up a multigenerational silversmithing family. The artists are all Diné women living in Navajoland in what is called northern Arizona. Each piece of jewelry is an expression of these women's role in their Matrilineal society and a nod to their mother's craft. These pieces were fairly traded and we happily paid the artists asking prices.

In a matrilineal clan system, a person's clan membership is determined by the maternal line – that is, their mother's clan. This system is in contrast to patrilineal systems, where clan membership is determined by the father's lineage. In Navajo culture, clan membership is a crucial aspect of personal identity, and it plays a significant role in social interactions, ceremonies, and relationships. Each clan has its own history, stories, and traditional responsibilities.

Each ring is unique, with some featuring turquoise inlay. Please see photos for detail, each is one-of-a-kind. Each individual listing shows the rings size.


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