Thread Spun's 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Sustainable Gift Guide for Every Personality

The gifting season can be stressful, especially if you're searching for unique gifts for a variety of personalities. If you're also working to keep your gifts sustainable and ethically-made, you've definitely got your hands full. This holiday season, we've got you covered with a gift guide featuring ethically-produced and sustainable gifts that are guaranteed to please and make a difference in the lives of the artisans who craft them. Think self care essentials, handmade jewelry, unique tools for the home cook, eco-friendly staples, planty gifts and witchy things. Plus some fun ideas for the kids in your life. Happy holidays!

Gifts for Self Care

Thread Spun's 2022 Holiday Gift Guides

Think cozy, comforting, intentionally made goods for those who appreciate the subtle pleasures in life - the way light catches a wall in the morning, the the act of loving oneself by practicing a skin care ritual, the warm embrace of wearing a well made garment. Shop our collection of candles for relaxation, comfortable clothing made with organic materials, natural skincare and apothecary, and more.

 El Jardin Aromatherapy Roller

Aromatherapy Roller | Thread Spun Sustainable Gift Guide

Blended with Premium Essential Oils of Lavender, Geranium, Ho Wood, and Ylang Ylang, this aromatherapy essential oil roller is the perfect everyday perfume oil. Perfect for your loved one who is always on the go, but still appreciates self care. 

✧ Self Reflections Pad

Self Reflections Journal | Thread Spun Gift Guide

This paper pad is designed to help you reflect and consolidate your thoughts, emotions, plans and goals. It is the perfect journaling tool for turning inward, and is beautiful to boot - featuring a luxe recycled paper in beach speckle. 

✧ Merigold's Face Masks

Sustainable Gift Guide - Face Mask | Thread Spun Self CareSelf Care Gift Guide | Thread Spun Gift Guide

Each of these face mask gifts by Merigold include three separate applications. A variety are available for different purposes, featuring nourishing ingredients such as turmeric and calendula. The masks are designed to encourage pause after application - meditate, read, relax, or simply be still. 

✧ Hair Mask 

Self Care Hair Mask | Thread Spun Gift Guide

Root Systems hair mask is spa-level, at home skincare for your scalp. Peppermint oil creates a cooling, tingling sensation while chamomile extract, rice protein, and coconut oil work to lock in moisture and repair damaged strands. The perfect self care gift.

Gifts that Sparkle

Thread Spun's 2022 Holiday Gift Guides

Jewelry is always a simple, but meaningful (and sure to please) gift. These are some of our favorite pieces of handmade jewelry with timeless pieces ranging from subtle to statement. There's something for all price ranges but trust that each piece has been made with care and designed to last.

✧ Token Necklace

Gold and turquoise necklace | Thread Spun Gift Guide

Handcrafted with ethically sourced stones, these one of a kind necklaces are unique, yet classic enough for everyday wear. They come in a variety of shapes and with gold or silver figaro chain, so there's something for each and every one.

✧ Artemis Ring

Gold and Moonstone Ring | Thread Spun Gift Guide

A golden crescent moon crowns a rainbow moonstone for a delicate Goddess adornment. Handmade from gold vermeil, this piece is made to last & hypoallergenic.

✧ Selene Necklace

Selene Necklace by Young in the Mountains | Thread Spun Gift Guide

Handmade in the Rocky Mountains, the Selene necklace is a special statement piece. Kingman's Blue Turquoise from Arizona is set in 14kt gold with a serrated halo effect, free hanging on an 18" box chain. 

✧ Augury Hoops

Gold Statement Hoop Earrings | Thread Spun Gift Guide

Don't be fooled by these gold hoop earrings, they are anything but simple. Modern with an ancient aesthetic, these gold statement earrings are handmade in the Santa Cruz mountains. "Augury" refers to the practice of interpreting omens from the observed flight of birds, and we think anyone wearing these earrings is in for a good omen. Probably the gifter is too...just saying.

Gifts for the Chef

Thread Spun's 2022 Holiday Gift Guides

These are gifts for the people in your life that show their love through food, the ones you can always find in the kitchen and enjoy the simple pleasure of sharing a meal with others. Our collection of hand made homewares, hosting essentials, and zero waste goods is sure to have something for those who consider the kitchen their favorite room in the house. 

✧ Teak Wood Serving Board

Teak Serving Board | Thread Spun Gift Guide

This unique handmade cutting board is perfect for entertaining for the holidays. The seasoned teak wood is meant to last and is as beautiful as a surface for preparing food as it is for serving a charcuterie board. 

✧ Organic Garlic Olive Oil 

Thread Spun's 2022 Holiday Gift Guide


Canaan-fused olive oil is only prepared once a year during the olive harvest in Palestine. This fair trade olive oil is made with select indigenous surri olives with fresh savory garlic by families that have been harvesting olives for generation upon generation. This is not your run of the mill olive oil, and is best used for dipping, drizzling, cooking, or salad dressings that will allow its distinctive flavor to shine.

✧ Clay Carafe with Cup

Thread Spun's 2022 Holiday Gift Guides

This stoneware carafe handmade in Mexico includes a ceramic cup that rests adorably right on top. Each piece is as unique as the artisan that made it, and is perfect for adorning kitchen shelves and serving wine or water in a beautiful way.

✧ Olive Wood Spice Bowls

Olive Wood Spice Bowl | Thread Spun Gift Guide

Handcrafted in Tunisia using natural olive wood from the region, these little bowls are hard, durable and non porous. Use them for your salt, pepper, and spices, or to hold condiments. Each piece is unique and becomes even darker, richer and more beautiful in color as it ages. This is a perfect sweet and small gift to stuff a stocking or give as a host or hostess gift.

Gifts for the Earth Conscious

Thread Spun's 2022 Holiday Gift Guides

An assortment of eco friendly swaps and sustainably made items for every day life. We've put together a selection of reusable and durable items that'll be sure to align with the values of the eco warriors in your life.

✧ Day Bottle

Bink Water Bottle | Thread Spun Gift Guide

It's amazing how much better you can feel by just drinking water throughout the day. Help the ones you love out! This simple glass water bottle with hydration tracking is designed to help you meet your daily recommended water needs. The silicone sleeve protects the glass bottle and comes in a variety of gorgeous, subtle colors.

✧ Market Basket

Fair Trade Market Basket | Thread Spun

An oval-shaped basket, woven with black & white straw. Perfect choice for a beach day, flower hunting adventure or for storing some of your favorite things. Handmade in Ghana with age-old techniques that support entire artisan communities. Traditional technique meets ethical and fair production. Our favorite.

✧ Hemp Bralette

Jungmaven Hemp Bralette | Thread Spun Gift Guide

Made in California with love, this is the most comfortable bralette made from a soft and breathable hemp blend with the perfect amount of stretch. It offers a high rise shape that is designed not to dig or bunch, for the ultimate comfort - and isn't that what we are all here for?

✧ Reusable Grocery Bags 

Zero Waste Produce Bags | Thread Spun Gift Guide

This is the perfect zero waste gift for the eco-warrior in your life. A variety of produce and bulk foods bags to replace the usual plastic ones and perfect for product or the bulk bins! Eco-friendly and made from organic cotton, you'll be covered next time you go to the farmer's market. 

Gifts for the Plant Lover

Thread Spun's 2022 Holiday Gift Guides

We all know someone who adores their plants, their home is filled with them in a very "Jungalow" style. Shop our collection of gift-able goods for the green thumbed ones like pots, plant care, seeds, and other fun, plant related items.

✧ Sun Catcher Plant Stake

Thread Spun's 2022 Holiday Gift Guides

Add a little magic to your plants with an artisan-crafted sun catcher made from hand forged brass wire and hammered brass sheet, plus a vintage faceted crystal. When the crystal catches the sunlight, all these little rainbows will be cast around the room.

✧ Plant Mister

Thread Spun's 2022 Holiday Gift Guides

The perfect addition for all those indoor plant parents out there, this plant mister provides the ideal amount of moisture needed for seed starting and sprout growth, and looks good doing it. Made with an opaque white glass and brass hardware.

✧ Ceramic Hanging Planter

Thread Spun's 2022 Holiday gift Guides

A handmade ceramic hanging planter for your little guys in the home. Made with an earth tone clay with a natural glaze and includes a cotton cord with a brass ring to hang. Plus it's got a drainage hole to ensure the plant actually lives (why people make pots without one we don't know, but this one has one so here you go!)

✧ Plant Nutrient Drops

Thread Spun's 2022 Holiday Gift Guides

An all natural and organic-based nutrient that is optimally blended to support healthy plant growth. It features only natural sources of essential minerals from land and sea in a 100% soluble form. Your plant hoarding friends will thank you, trust us.

Gifts for the Witch B*tch

Thread Spun's 2022 Holiday Gift Guides

You know the girls I'm talking about - the ones in tune with the magic all around us. Who pay attention to the stars and consider nature a close relative. We've created a collection of energetically charged and intentionally made goods for all sorts of daily rituals the witches in your life would appreciate.

✧ Gem Essence Oil

Thread Spun's 2022 Holiday Gift Guides

These gem essences are vibrational gem oils that provide properties from each gem stone and essential oil blends. They excrete a vibrational frequency of each stone and are to be used with intention. Put a few drops on chakra or pulse points before yoga, meditation, presentations, or performances. Anoint a candle during a moon ritual or your space like doorways or in your car to call in the energy of the stone.

✧ Zodiac Keychain

Thread Spun's 2022 Holiday Gift Guides

Each sign of the zodiac illustrated in vibrant enameling and gold detail. These babies are sure to give your keys some flare. a simple gift that's sure to please those in your life that love astrology!

✧ Sunstone Bracelet

Thread Spun's 2022 Holiday Gift Guides

As the name suggests, sunstone is a source of energy, light, and passion - properties that can elevate your vibration. Not a bad thing to have up your sleeve. This bracelet is a part of Punkwasp's Power Collection - one of a kind pieces designed to energetically align you with your highest self. Handmade locally in Solana Beach, California.

✧ Eye Car Sun Catcher

Thread Spun's 2022 Holiday Gift Guides

Add some magic to your drive with this artisan crafted mini sun catcher and watch the little rainbows fill your car! Made from brushed brass sheet, chain and vintage faceted crystals. It's ready to hang from your rearview mirror or honestly wherever you'd want to see some little rainbows in your space.

✧ Cultivating Conversations Deck

Thread Spun's 2022 Holiday Gift Guides

Inspired by the connection that comes from letting down walls and diving deeper, the Cultivating Conversations Card Deck is an innovative way to tap into new realms of discovery. Designed to be used solo or with others, these cards focus in on seven key realms of life to assist in tapping into new areas of reflection and growth. 

Gifts for the Little Ones

Thread Spun's 2022 Holiday Gift Guides

Sustainably and ethically made toys, crafts, books, and activity kits for all ages. Give the gift of well made goods designed to enrich and enlighten the future caretakers of our planet.

✧ Happy Folk Wooden Hotel 

Thread Spun's 2022 Holiday Gift Guides

Meet the 9 residents of the wooden happy hotel! Sustainably made from solid wood, colored with a soft water based stain, these peg dolls can represent anyone you know. These little people are perfect for adding to any sort of creative or imaginative play, and can be perched easily on any surface, or nestled comfortably in their wooden hotel home!

✧ Magical Pocket Pals 

Thread Spun's 2022 Holiday Gift Guides

Made by hand, Holdie Folk pocket pals are the perfect size pal to pop in a pocket or the palm of a hand, they're fully poseable too. Just add a sprinkle of ~imagination~ to bring the Holdie friends to life! 

✧ The Woodie Redux Toy Car

Thread Spun's 2022 Holiday Gift Guides

Woodie Redux toy car by Candylab Toys with real veneer-paneled sides and a magnet embedded in the roof to attach the included surfboard on top of the wagon. Candylab creates products that are made from stuff that grows, matures, spends some time as a toy, and then returns back to mother Earth, without sickening anyone during its life cycle. Wood, soy inks, water-based paints, degradable rubber, and metal parts are all part of their old school way of making toys, with a modern design twist. 

✧ Mushroom Basket

Thread Spun's 2022 Holiday Gift Guides 

Anyone else seen @sadbeige's reel about the infamous Olli Ella Mushroom Basket? We had a good laugh about that one here at Thread Spun because we love having these guys in our shop, how can anyone not see it and go "ohh my gosh how cute is this??" The little ones will love it as an addition to their pretend play and for carrying around their treasures. The little door actually opens, as does the top - adorable functionality.

 While we wanted to keep this short and sweet, these few product highlights barely scratch the surface of what we've got in the shop right now! We are jam packed with all kinds of sustainably and ethically made goods that would make meaningful gifts for everyone in your life, yes even the ones that are impossible to shop for or already have everything.

Stop by our shop in beautiful Encinitas, California and our girls will be happy to help you out. Not local? You can shop online 24/7 and have your gifts delivered to you or opt for gift wrapping and have a ready to open gift sent directly to your friends and family's houses.

Wishing you all a sweet holiday season!
X Thread Spun

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