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Ear Seed Kit

Ear Seed Kit


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Ear Seed Kits to teach you how to do ear seeding at home on yourself. These ear seeds are made with 24k gold plated metal pellets with beautiful gold crystals on top. By placing them on top of acupoints on the outer ear, the light continuous pressure stimulates a response in the nervous system towards health. 

Each kit includes enough seeds for four treatments and detailed how-to instructions that guide you to be your own healer.

The Digestion Kit works to enhance and support your digestive system, transforming nutrients and reducing feelings typically associated with digestive dysfunction. 

The Anxiety Reducing Kit teaches you the acupoints that help reduce the feelings of anxiety, create balance in the body and an immediate calming sensation.

The Hangover Kit helps reduce the feelings commonly associated with excess indulgences by helping to accelerate detox while reducing upset stomachs and headaches.

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