Handmade clutches by Thread Spun feature artisan textiles and environmentally-friendly materials

Who Made It: The Artisans of Maya Traditions | Guatemala

Artisan-made, fair trade clutch from Thread Spun featuring handwoven designs from artisans at Maya Traditions in Guatemala.

Thread Spun currently works with artisans in three countries, including the women of Maya Traditions Foundation in Guatemala. Like Thread Spun, Maya Traditions is committed to increasing access to fair wages, to cultural preservation, and to sustainable production. Their handwoven and colorful textiles are featured in our new collection of reversible, foldover clutches.

Artisans from the Chuwila Cooperative, partners of Maya Traditions in Guatemala and Thread Spun, a San Diego company making handmade and fair trade gifts and bags.

Photo courtesy of Maya Traditions Foundation

Founded more than 20 years ago, Maya Traditions currently works with seven indigenous communities of weavers and helps to support over 500 indigenous Mayas.

A handmade surfboard bag for a longboard by local Encinitas company Thread Spun features handwoven textiles from Guatemalan women artisans.

Textiles featured on our handmade surfboard bags and fair trade clutches are woven either on simple backstrap looms or in the brocade style using natural dyes. They are thus environmentally-friendly and sustainable, naturally complementing our other eco-friendly materials.

A woman artisan from a Maya Traditions cooperative in Guatemala weaves textiles by hand to be incorporated into Thread Spun's handmade and fair trade bags and boardbags.

Photo courtesy of Maya Traditions Foundation

Maya Traditions works directly with more than 120 indigenous artisans to empower women and create economic opportunity. The organization also offers tools, training, and access to grassroots social programs, including healthcare and education initiatives.

Thread Spun clutches featuring artisan-made textiles by women artisans in Guatemala are eco-friendly and sustainable.

Check out our clutches and handmade surfboard bags featuring handwoven Maya textiles today, available for short-, mid-length and long-boards. Then be sure to visit the Maya Traditions Foundation website to learn more about their inspiring work today.

Maya women use natural dyes to create handwoven textiles used in Thread Spun handmade clutches and surfboard bags.

Photo courtesy of Maya Traditions Foundation

Thank you for your support of Thread Spun and artisan women in Guatemala and around the world. Together, we are promoting access to economic opportunity and improving the lives of artisans and their families.

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