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Who Made It: The Artisans of Le Ndomo Social Enterprise | Mali

While Thread Spun has evolved into a brick and mortar and online store selling ethically and sustainably-produced clothing, home goods and more, we began as a brand dedicated to using artisan-produced and handmade textiles. We still create our branded surfboard bags, accessories and pillows right here in San Diego, but now also offer unique and well-made goods from independent makers around the world. Read on to learn more about our origins, and one of our first artisan partners, Le Ndomo Social Enterprise in Mali. This amazing organization is creating beautiful and unique textiles with purpose.

Thread Spun - Le Ndomo Social Enterprise - Handmade Textiles

Photo courtesy of Le Ndomo

Le Ndomo Social Enterprise, one of the first artisan groups we partnered with at Thread Spun, is located in Segou, Mali. Created to address a lack of professional opportunity in the region, Le Ndomo offers employment and training to young people unable to achieve a traditional education. With training and support, these young artisans create striking hand-painted and handwoven textiles.

Handmade surfboard bag by Thread Spun featuring artisan and fair trade textiles from Mali.

Handmade Pillow - Thread Spun - African Textiles

Thread Spun foldover clutch made by resettled refugee women in San Diego using African textiles

At Thread Spun, we use these talented artisan's naturally-dyed textiles to create our handmade surfboard bags and fair trade foldover clutches. They are truly statement pieces, and make beautiful throw pillows, perfect for accenting any living space in your home.

Thread Spun Handmade Clutch - Black White Striped Textile - Handmade Goods

Hand-dyed textiles from Thread Spun fair trade artisan partner Le Ndomo in Mali.

Photo courtesy of Le Ndomo

Le Ndomo artisans utilize only 100% organic cotton and completely natural (plant- and earth-based) dyes in creating its textiles. The organization is committed to sustainable production, environmental innovation and ecological preservation through the promotion of natural dyes.


The founder of Le Ndomo describes the organization as functioning more as a traditional African family than a system of employer and employees. Artisans are paid fair wages and encouraged to become self-sufficient and creative in many areas beyond textile production.

Thread Spun handmade surfboard bag using fair trade textiles from Mali and Guatemala.

Thread Spun handmade surfboard bag featuring African textiles is held by a woman with long hair

Handmade surfboard bag company Thread Spun uses naturally-dyed textiles from Mali.

Photo courtesy of Le Ndomo

It is evident that great love and care are put into the weaving and dyeing of these beautifully hand-made textiles from Western Africa. We know you will love them as much as we do. Visit Le Ndomo's website to learn more today about their handmade textiles. Or click below to shop our selection of artisan-made pillows, clutches and surfboard bags made ethically and sustainably in Southern California.

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