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Sustainable Stocking Stuffers and Small Gifts at Every Price Point

Stuffing stockings is one of my very favorite holiday traditions, and while I find it easy to do for my kids, I find it harder to do for the adults in my life. I put together this sustainable stocking stuffer guide with some of my favorite gifts we've got in the shop right now to make the upcoming holiday season easier on myself and on you! We love a holiday stocking that is stuffed with gifts that are both utilitarian *and* personal, and as always, prefer fewer, better things. Whenever I build a stocking, I start with adding useful things like cute socks, a few zero waste goods and a candle, and then add some personal touches and whimsy with a special piece of ethical jewelry and a handmade ceramic. I avoid overstuffing, plastic, and cheap things that won't last. If you want to join me on the quest for the perfect holiday stocking stuffers (or just some great small holiday gifts), read on! I also added a simple price categorization tool so you can stay on budget. If you can't find everything you need in this guide, you can shop our entire selection of small gifts and stocking stuffers by clicking here.

Wishing everyone a joyful, giving and purposeful holiday season, 


Sustainable Stocking Stuffers and Small Gifts Guide | Thread Spun

Stocking Stuffers and Small Gifts:

$ = $15 and under

$$ = $16 - $30

$$$ = $31 - $50

$$$$ = $51 - $75

Unique Jewelry

Zodiac Keychain - $18 ($$) 

Aries Zodiac Keychain | Thread Spun Stocking StuffersVirgo Zodiac Keychain | Thread Spun Stocking StuffersPisces Zodiac Keychain | Thread Spun Stocking Stuffers

Okay, these aren't jewelry for your body, but hear us out, because they are certainly jewelry for your keys or even your favorite purse. The perfect gift for anyone interested in astrology and their zodiac signs, these colorful keychains will allow any gift recipient to proudly express their personal planetary sign. The illustrations are enameled in vibrant colors with gold details to give whatever they decide to adorn some flair. 

Sunna Ring - $28 ($S)

Sunna Ring in Gold Fill | Sustainable Gold Jewelry | Stocking Stuffers Gift GuideSunna Ring by Mountainside Made | Gold Fill Ring | Thread Spun Sustainable Stocking Stuffer Blog

You really can't go wrong with a gold stacking ring, and this simple yet slightly textured beauty handmade in Santa Cruz fits the bill. Delicate and hammered by hand, this gold ring looks great stacked, worn alone, or to compliment other rings. The gift that sparkles in the sun. Gold fill is more sustainable than gold plate because it it is made to last forever and always, yet still offers an accessible price point. Perfection.

Complements Studs - $45 ($$)

Complements Studs by JaxKelly | Thread Spun Sustainable Stocking Stuffers Gift Guide

This sun and moon gold stud earring pair are perfect complements! Wear them on either ear or stack them if you have multiple piercings. These gold vermeil stud earrings are so sweet and shiny, we just can't keep them in stock. They are guaranteed to make anyone receiving them as a gift shine just as bright as they do.

Thebe Bracelet - $65 ($$$$)

Thebe Bracelet by Abacus Row | Sustainable Stocking Stuffers | Thread Spun Gift GuideThebe Bracelet by Abacus Row | Thread Spun Sustainable Stocking Stuffers

This is a bit of a sustainable splurge, but it's certainly a beautiful one. This hand-beaded bracelet features matte glass beads evenly interspersed with delicate gold-filled beads. Made in San Francisco, it features an adjustable silk cord that makes it perfect for gifting (no need to worry about whether or not it will fit!). Gift with confidence and gift with love and you'll be gifting well.

Sustainable Accessories

Her Socks - $14 ($)

Her Socks by Le Bon Shoppe | Sustainable Stocking Stuffers by Thread Spun Blog

These slightly sparkly socks by Le Bon Shoppe are comfy enough for lounging around the house and stylish enough to wear out on the town. They add a little oomph to any outfit, but we love them styled with a holiday dress and booties. They've got just the right amount of stretch and are made to last; count on these babies to last for years to come (unless you lose one to the mysterious sock monster that lives in my dryer). These socks are made consciously in small batches by a brand committed to the principles of slow fashion.

Recyclable Resin Claw Clip - $28 ($$)

Sustainable Resin Claw Clip in 1.5" size | Thread Spun Stocking Stuffer Guide BlogSustainable Resin Claw Clip in 1.5" size | Thread Spun Stocking Stuffer Guide BlogSustainable Resin Claw Clip in 1.5" size | Thread Spun Stocking Stuffer Guide Blog

Very little resin is actually recyclable, but our favorite claw clip by Undo Hairware in the 1.5" size is crafted in Italy from the highest quality resin and guess what? Yep, it can be recycled. This is a quintessential stocking stuffer for all carefree hair days and sustainable accessory lovers. Not your average claw clip, this one is made to last - the clip is fastened with a long-lasting spring closure.

Junes Market Tote - $40 ($$$)

Junes Sustainable Market Tote | Thread Spun Sustainable Stocking Stuffers Blog

Every sustainable shopper needs a great market tote bag and we have found one that's got it all. Not only does it have nice, tall handles for carrying tall flowers, tasty loaves of bread and more, but it features two inside pockets for containing the small stuff. Oh wait, there's more. These totes are sewn by women at an all-female sewing co-op in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, who are paid fairly for their work *and* a donation is made to the Global Fund for Women for each bag sold.  In addition, this tote is made with recycled plastic bottles and CiCLO® technology. This technology allows naturally occurring microbes in the environment to consume the bags fibers at the end of its life, just like they would cotton, wool, or rayon. Bio-Knit has a matte finish and softens over time, without losing tenacity. This bag has really got it all, ya know?

Avila Polarized Sunglasses - $68 ($$$$)

Avila Polarized Sunglasses by Sunski | Sustainable Stocking Stuffers Guide

I bet you weren't expecting to see polarized sunglasses for under $75, but guess what...we've found you the perfect environmentally-friendly pair. Made from up-cycled plastic from prosthetics molds (yes, really!) that would otherwise not be usable, these sunglasses are not just extremely durable and polarized, but they're cute as ever to boot. These are a unisex style with a lifetime warranty, so gift away to whoever and know they'll love them forever. We've got them in a few colors, too.

Stocking Stuffers and Small Gifts | Thread Spun Gift Guide 2022

Environmentally-Conscious Kitchen

Swedish Dishcloth - $7 ($)

Eco-Friendly Swedish Dishcloth | Thread Spun Encinitas Stocking Stuffer Guide

Perfect for the zero-waste home chef or even a frazzled mom working to reduce her environmental footprint (hello, it's me), each Swedish dishcloth replaces 14 rolls of paper towels! We love when sustainability is stylish and versatile - these eco-friendly towels clean any surface from the kitchen to the bathroom. Plus, did we mention that these eco-friendly towel replacements can be washed up to 200 times, in the top rack of the dishwasher or in the washing machine? We'll take two.

Reusable Produce Grocery Bag - $12 ($)

Eco-friendly Reusable Produce Bags for the Grocery Store | Thread Spun Sustainable Stocking Stuffer Guide 2022 Holiday

These reusable produce and bulk bags are one of the first eco-friendly products I purchased for myself that really gave me the sustainability bug because they not only offer a more eco-friendly alternative to plastic or compostable produce bags available in stores, but they work better too! Made from organic cotton, they are durable enough to use for food storage, too, and I personally love the mesh ones because they allow my produce to breathe! As a result, it stays fresher longer. Now this is a win-win.

Diaspora Co Pragati Tumeric - $14 ($)

Diaspora Co. Tumeric | Thread Spun Sustainable Lifestyle Blog

If you don't know about Diaspora Co. yet, we are here to help. If you like turmeric in your coffee or matcha, or enjoy a great curry, this spice will change your life. This is turmeric like you've never had before - it is so fresh, bright, zesty and deeply floral that you are guaranteed to impress 

So bright, so zesty, and deeply floral, it's turmeric like you've never had before. 

Planty Gifts

Culinary Seed Pops - $7 ($)

Culinary Seed Pops make the perfect sustainable stocking stuffer for the plant lover

Our customers are obsessed with this playful take on a seed packet and we're having a hard time keeping them in stock. These Seed Pops are designed to be planted directly into the ground or into any planter. It's so simple, just unwrap, plant and grow your own herbs! Perfect for the planty person who is also a home chef, you can choose from a pizza seed blend, stir fry seed blend, or a super greens seed blend. The cooking possibilities are endless with this sustainable stocking stuffer.

Terracotta Grow Kit - $15 ($)

Gift the home gardener with a tiny terracotta plant growing kitTiny terracotta plant grow kits make the perfect stocking stuffer for the home gardener

This tiny terracotta kit comes equipped with everything you’ll need to start growing your very own lavender or champagne poppy garden at home! This kit is foolproof - just add water and set in a sunny window. This planter features a glazed interior and is outfitted with a nested coconut pot filter that provides drainage. Once it is big enough, transplant it into a bigger pot or garden and enjoy your terracotta vessel for other plants, a vase or even a cute mug!

Plant Nutrient Drops - $17 ($$)

Plant Grow Nutrient Drops for the home gardener | Thread Spun Stocking Stuffers

This is the perfect stocking stuffer for the indoor plant lover. These drops are formulated with natural and organic-based nutrients optimally blended to support healthy plant growth. Features only natural sources of essential minerals from land and sea in a 100% soluble form. 

Persimmon Harvest Burn Bundle - $30 ($$)

Harvest burn bundle is the perfect sustainable stocking stuffer

This seasonal burn bundle is the perfect way to embrace Fall festivities and the holiday season. This bundle smokes gently like incense, releasing calming smells of lavender, chamomile and rose, which are joined by gorgeous babies breath, goldenrod, strawflower and persimmon. Add it to the top of any sustainable stocking to add natural, festive color.

Home Goods and Decor

Hand-Dipped Beeswax Candle Set - $18 ($$)

Hand dipped beeswax candles | Thread Spun Sustainable Gift GuideHand dipped beeswax candles | Thread Spun Sustainable Gift GuideHand dipped beeswax candles | Thread Spun Sustainable Gift Guide

Each of these candles handmade in the United States is dipped by hand over 25 times and made with USA beeswax. Beeswax candles emit negative ions that purify the air making it the cleanest burning wax available. When you purchase beeswax products, you are supporting the bee farmers who colonize and encourage bee reproduction. Plus, they naturally smell like honey and wildflowers! As if that isn't enough reason to stuff your stockings with beeswax candles this year, we've got five gorgeous colors to choose from.

Ceramic Sugar Spoon - $20 ($$)

Ceramic Sugar Spoon | Sustainable Stocking Stuffer Guide by Thread Spun

These colorful little handmade ceramic sugar spoons are as sweet as the sugar (or any other spice) you can scoop with them! Each is entirely one of a kind, featuring fun designs and colors. Use them in the kitchen or even for your self-care routine - these also make a great gift when paired with one of our Merigold Face Mask Kits

Cloud Glass Tile Coaster - $20 ($$)

Handmade glass mosaic tile coaster | Handmade stocking stuffer guide

These mosaic tile coasters are made with a high quality glass and built to stand high temperatures. They are perfect neutral pops for any coffee table or side table, but are also gorgeous in a bathroom or any space in your home. If you prefer color, check out the other colors we have available. 

Redwood and Cedar Candle - $28 ($$)

Redwood and cedar handmade candle | Thread Spun Stocking Stuffer Guide

To be entirely honest, we are not huge fans of making gifts out of candles. Candles as stocking stuffers, on the other hand, are a great idea. Hear us out: everyone loves candles, but they can feel thoughtless if not paired with something more personal. In our opinion, stockings should be a mix of personal and utilitarian, and the perfectly scented candle can fit both bills as long as it is not the main gifting attraction. This candle features premium redwood and cedar wood fragrance oils that are perfectly scented for the holiday season, burning to evoke the memory of walks through winter forests and freshly cut trees. Plus, the amber glass container is perfect for reusing throughout the home, or turning into a mini planter.  

Sustainable Stocking Stuffers | Thread Spun Gift Guide 2022

Clean Beauty Stocking Stuffers

Desert Soak and Scrub - $6 ($)

Desert Soak and Scrub Clean Beauty Bath Salt | Thread Spun Stocking Stuffer Guide

Handmade in the Sonoran desert, these botanical infused minerals allow us to relax into ourselves. Soak under the moon and invite a sense of renewal and release, or, add it to your favorite oil to create an exfoliating scrub. All of the ingredients are organic and sustainably foraged, and available in Desert Moon (with notes of desert sage and lavender) or Sonoran Desert (creosote and jojoba). 

Ten Over Ten Non-Toxic Nail Polish - $18 ($$)

Non-Toxic Nail Polish by Ten Over Ten | Thread Spun Gift GuideTen Over Ten Organic Nail Polish | Thread Spun Blog

These non-toxic nail polishes come in a variety of colors that are designed to flatter *all* skin tones. Ten Over Ten is a conscious beauty line focused on creating naturally nourishing formulas of nail care and skin care. Some of their standards include: "Less is more. People and planet come first. Healthy and effective aren’t mutually exclusive. Cruelty is never acceptable." Wow, we really like this brand.

Mini Essential Oil Shower Steamer Set - $18 ($$)

Essential Oil Shower Steamers | Thread Spun Stocking Stuffer Ideas

This set of essential oil shower steamers are activated by steam from the shower and release eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils. The invigorating aroma is perfect for starting your day or if you feel a cold coming on. Plus, they're free of all synthetic fragrance, dyes or micas.

El Jardin Aromatherapy Roller - $26 ($$)

Aromatherapy Roller for Stress Relief | Thread Spun Stocking Stuffer Guide

Most of us can use some easy and on-the-go stress relief and this aromatherapy ritual roller made with essential oils is perfect for quick pick me ups or as a part of a larger aromatherapy practice. Blended with premium oils including lavender, geranium and ylang ylang, this stocking stuffer will be appreciated by all. Simply roll over the palm of your hand, rub your hands together until warm, bring your hands to your nose and inhale deeply. Ahhhhhhhh.

Merigold Organic Face Masks - $32 ($$$)

Ritual Face Mask by Merigold Clean Beauty | Thread Spun Stocking Stuffer IdeasRitual Face Mask by Merigold Clean Beauty | Thread Spun Stocking Stuffers

These sustainably-packaged and organic face masks have got us like, whoa. Each box includes three separate face masks. Choose from a wide variety of blends for every skin type like Mushroom Madness (featuring cordyceps and reishi for anti-inflammation and adaptogens), Turmeric Calendula (antibacterial and calming properties), Avocado Matcha (for deep hydration), Lavender Reishi (soothes and reduces puffiness), and Papaya Camu Camu (for exfoliation and collagen). Add a Face Mask Ritual Kit for a larger gift. 

Sustainable Stocking Stuffers and Eco-Friendly Gifts | Thread Spun Gift Guide 2022

Slow Fashion

Hemp Tank - $44 ($$$)

Hemp Tank by Thrills | Thread Spun Sustainable Gifting Blog

Basics are sometimes the best gift one can give, and this hemp heavyweight retro tank fits the bill perfectly. Soft to the touch yet durable and long lasting, this tank top is the ultimate basic singlet to join your wardrobe. It is made of a blend of hemp and organic cotton, offering a piece that will last for many years to come at an amazing price point. 

Hemp Bike Shorts - $50 ($$$)

Jungmaven Hemp Bike Shorts | Thread Spun Sustainable Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide 2022

These are my "wear everywhere everyday" bike shorts. They offer a comfortable and sustainable alternative to synthetic activewear, and trust me when I say you'll never go back. In fact, hemp naturally wicks away moisture and breathes to regulate your body temperature. The shorts are perfect for working out, meditating on a yoga mat, or under an oversized top to dress them up for the street. The high rise cut flatters every body so fold them up and get them in that sustainable stocking!

Sustainable Gifting and Stocking Stuffers | Thread Spun California

If you would like some more stocking stuffer ideas guaranteed to delight, simply click below for our entire stocking stuffers and small gifts collection!


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