Sustainable Style with Jo Elise | Episode 1

Sustainable Style with Jo Elise | Episode 1

Raise your hand if you've been a part of the fast fashion problem...

Sustainable Style with Jo Episode 1 - Tradlands x Harly Jae

I'm confident saying that all of us have been there, and there's no need to feel shame. As we learn and go along trends or against them, we have opportunities to make changes; big or small, for the better good of the planet and all its inhabitants. In the end, that's what matters when it comes to the future.

The slow fashion movement is changing the game and now more than ever, we have the chance to support brands who care about their impact on environment. Striving to maintain clean air, tall trees, leave less waste - how great is that?  There are more options to support those who care about the wellbeing of the people behind the manufacturing of clothing... care about quality over quantity... Who just simply care.

We are honored to carry brands in the shop that flow with these same ethics, and are excited to bring you specific pieces that we're loving. With that said, there's a couple brands that we think deserve your attention. 

Sustainable Style with Jo Episode 1 - Tradlands x Harly Jae


Sadie, the owner says she created Tradlands from what she saw was missing - "women's clothing that was classic, simple, and durable. From that idea, the brand has continued to create effortless essentials that are timeless and well made."

Tradlands brings you pieces you can wear with anything and are sure to last. Quality is at the forefront of their values, from the design to the materials to the tailoring and stitching.


Harly Jae

Introducing a Canadian slow fashion house whose vintage-inspired designs are pieces you’ll love for years to come. Their design and production process is centered around quality, while at the same time prioritizing a minimal impact on the environment and the wellbeing of the makers. The brand uses sustainable and natural materials for their fabrics, and make their pieces locally in Vancouver where they are able to oversee the entire process.


Tradlands Jude Pullover with Harly Jae Pierrot Pant Sustainable Style Episode 1


The Jude Pullover from Tradlands will quickly become a staple in your wardrobe- a gently oversized sweater that’s soft, comfy, and versatile... it’s gonna be a yes from me! It’s got a honeycomb knit pattern and is sourced and woven in Peru with mid-weight cotton and custom dyes. A statement piece for brunch or dress it down with some jeans for a cozy bonfire, it’ll become a go-to for you, I promise.

Personally, I think it goes so well with the cream Pierrot Pants by Harly Jae, I just love the freshness of the outfit as a whole. The pants are a modern take on the sailor pant, featuring a high-rise and midi length wide leg, made ethically from 100% cotton. These pants are a really flattering fit and super comfy to boot - we’ve got them in a dark and light denim as well!

Sustainable Style with Jo Episode 1 - Tradlands x Harly Jae

Browse all of the sustainable apparel online or come say hi in person! 


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