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Self-Care Gift Guide

Self Care Gift Guide - Thread Spun


Wow, what a year. Between a racial reckoning, a pandemic and a stressful election many of us are feeling touched out and overwhelmed. I know I am. If you're here reading this, you probably are too. Audre Lord said, “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” So in a year of social unrest and political upheaval, let's make the most of our self-care rituals, shall we?
One of the greatest things about the concept of self love and care is that YOU are the curator of what it looks like. For you, self care may look like keeping your space filled with plants, or purchasing a sustainable outfit you feel good about. Because self care means something completely different to everyone, we've curated a selection of ethically and sustainably produced self-care goods for all types of personalities. Read on and keep on keeping on (taking care of yourself). 


Sustainable Gifts for the Homebody - Self Care Gift Guide Thread Spun

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Sustainable Gifts for the Social Butterfly - Self Care Gift Guide Thread Spun

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Sustainable Gifts for the Workaholic - Self Care Gift Guide Thread Spun
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Sustainable Gifts for the Home Cook - Self Care Gift Guide Thread Spun

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Self-Care Gifts for the Homebody

Stay home club! Who doesn't love a bit of pampering now and then? And what better excuse than living through a pandemic. Stay home and take care of yourself with this selection of clean bath and beauty products. The best gift you can give yourself is the gift of relaxation.

Think of what Marie Kondo asks us: What would it feel like if you had a space in your home that sparked joy every time you walked into it? Whether you have just a corner or room or house to yourself, you have the power to have it be a place that is conducive to your creativity or peace or chaos. Whatever you decide to live in, that is in your power! Here are a few products to help you step right into it at home.


Moon Bath Tea

Moon Bath Tea - Bath Soak - Thread Spun


I never used to be a bath person, but after having kids I realized it's one of the only places in our home where one can lock oneself in for a few minutes of peace. So now, I take baths for self-care. These 100% organic bath soaks, or "teas", really take even the shortest of baths to the next level with blends of rose petals and calendula or lavender and chamomile. Create your own self-care ritual with these teas and the rest of our selection of clean bath and body products


Every Body Oil by Moon Bath

Every Body Grounding Oil by Moon Bath for daily moisturizing use

This is the perfect body oil to apply when you're fresh from your moon bath. Every Body body oil is a blend of grounding and nourishing oils that not only sooth but hydrate the skin. The light neutral scent of sandalwood and cyprus leaves you feeling calm and restored. Plus, for every bottle purchased, the maker donates $1 to Annunciation House — aiding the migrant, homeless and economically vulnerable people of the border since 1978. Taking care of yourself while taking care of others? Yes, please.

Handmade Moroccan Slippers

Handmade Moroccan Slippers - Ethical - Thread Spun

When you leave the bathroom, shuffle your feet into these gorgeous, handmade slippers made by artisans in Morocco. Made ethically with vegetable-tanned suede leather, they're perfect to wear around the house or even to a yoga class, if that's your thing. 

Organic Tea by Bon Temps

Organic tea by Bon Temps is biodegradable and chemical free and available in a variety of flavors


I love a good cup of tea but don't so much love soaking my tea in bleached and toxic tea bags. Bon Temps makes organic teas in a variety of flavors including Chai, Chamomile, Mint Green, and Pu'erh (high caffeine, my favorite). Best of all, their tea bags are made of non-GMO, organic corn. Corn fiber holds its shape in hot temperatures, so there’s no need to treat it with any toxic chemicals. It is also 100% biodegradable. Self care + taking care of the earth = feel good stuff.

Handmade Stoneware Tea Cup

Incausa Ceramic Cup - Thread Spun - Stoneware Tea Cup


Even a simple cup of hot tea can be made fancy with one of these gorgeous, handmade ceramic tea cups. These beauties are handmade and wood-fired in upstate New York. Simply pull from cupboard, steep, and enjoy. Combine the tea cup and a box of tea for the perfect self-care gift.

Moroccan Cactus Silk Pillow

Moroccan Cactus Silk Pillow - Thread Spun - Fair trade and handmade decorative white pillow

After your bath followed up with clean beauty products and a mug of steaming organic tea, cozy up with this handmade throw pillow. Beautiful and comfortable, this cactus silk pillow from Morocco adds amazing texture to any living space and a nice place to lay your head. 


Self-Care Gifts for the Social Butterfly

A nice bubble bath doesn't mean self-care for everyone. I have plenty of friends that take care of themselves through their relationships with others. You shouldn't need an excuse to meet up with a friend and head out on the town, but these ethically and sustainably produced tees, jumpsuits and accessories will make it more fun to do so.

Yakama Hemp Sweatshirt by Jungmaven

Yakama Sweatshirt - Thread Spun - Jungmaven


We love Jungmaven, duh. Their Yakama hemp and organic cotton blend sweatshirts are cozy enough to count as self-care and cute enough to wear out on the town with friends. In fact, pretty much anything they make would fit the self-care gift criteria: sustainably and ethically-produced (guilt free) and oh-so soft. Check out our entire Jungmaven selection on the site. Make sure you grab one of their hemp face-masks so that you can ensure you are taking care of others while you're out in the era of COVID.

The Georgia Ring by Amanda Hunt Jewelry

Georgia Sterling Silver Ring - Thread Spun - Amanda Hunt Jewelry


This interpretation of the classic signet ring is a timeless way to treat yourself. Simple enough to wear everyday with a fluid feel., the Georgia ring is an heirloom piece you'll enjoy forever. Available in hand cast sterling silver or bronze to spice up any outfit. Inspired by the artist Georgia O'Keeffe, this ring will evoke feelings of calm.

Besitos Lip Balm by Salud Shoppe

Besitos Lip Balm - Clean Beauty at Thead Spun - Salud Shoppe


Lip balm for the natural sophisticate. Besitos translates to "little kisses" in Spanish and with ingredients like maca root and rose, it is a gift to yourself with each wear. Lightly scented with spearmint and rose and sweet organic vanilla absolute. Hand poured in California, this lip balm is the perfect little self-care treat.

Hymn to Hair Oil by High Sun Low MoonHymn to Hair Oil - High Sun Low Moon - Thread Spun Self Care

100% organic hair oil that creates a protective layer around the hair shaft, revitalizing the integrity of the hair and reducing breakage and sun damage. Especially important here in Southern California, especially after a dip in the ocean. Intended for all hair types, it penetrates deeply, giving the hair bracing nourishment. Apply one pump to clean, towel-dried hair, or whenever your hair needs some extra affection.

Glowing Non-Toxic Nail Polishes by Glam & Grace

Non-Toxic Nail Polish - Self-Care Gift Guide - Thread Spun

Hello there, non-toxic nail polish! Please don't paint toxins all over your nails! Be kind to yourself, that's the idea of self-care. These gorgeous nail colors are made of magical glowy goodness that shift subtly in light. And of course they're vegan and cruelty free. Perfect for a night out on the town or a night in with loved ones.

Host Book

Host Cookbook and Entertaining Book for the Home Host - Recipes and Tips - Thread Spun

If you are a social butterfly living in a pandemic, one of your best options may be to entertain a few friends responsibly at home. Bringing people together over food and drinks is a timeless tradition, pandemic or not. Host is a tribute to the joys of entertaining: a modern guide to eating, drinking and feeding your friends. It includes recipes, tips and tricks for the perfect gathering that will leave you feeling relaxed and replenished.


Self-Care Gifts for the Workaholic

Raise your hand if you're a workaholic! Us workaholics need self care most of all, because we often just can't turn it off. I don't think productivity is inherently wrong, and I am all for pursuing work that stokes our passions, but we all need to slow down from time to time. Here are a few self-care gifts that may help you tune out of work and tune in with yourself.

"How To Not Always Be Working" by Marlee Grace
How Not to Always Be Working - Thread Spun - Marlee Grace

Part workbook, part advice manual, part love letter, How to Not Always Be Working ventures into the space where phone meets life, helping readers to define their work--what they do out of sense of purpose; their job--what they do to make money; and their breaks--what they do to recharge, and to feel connected to themselves and the people who matter to them. We find that consuming new material helps us explore new parts of our selves. There is so much exploring to be done in the inner workings of our minds, and it seems like there's not better time to do this than during quarantine. 

Norden Candles
Norden Candle - Thread Spun - Self Care Gift Guide

Candles are like the gateway drug of self care. Once you find a good one, you learn to relax and then you don't want to stop. Norden candles are hand-poured in Southern California with 100% essential oils. They're poured into hand-thrown stoneware that can be repurposed after burning. A candle that becomes a cozy tumbler for hot cocoa or coffee? See, I told you it was a gateway drug.

Adaptogen Powder by Goldmine
Adaptogen Powder - Thread Spun - Goldmine


Goldmine Adaptogen Powder is a tasty blend of 5 organic adaptogenic herbs that ease stress on the mind and body—chaga, reishi, cordyceips, ashwagandha, astragalus. The powder supports stress management, increased mental and physical stamina, enhanced focus, and boosts immunity. So if you can't stop working, at least grab one of these packets to enjoy in your coffee or juice on the go. Self-care baby steps.

Balanced Day Planner by Abbie Ren Illustrations

Balanced Day Planner - Thread Spun - Self Care Gift Guide

Hi! My name is Heidi and I am a proud organizer. It may sound bizarre but I truly enjoy organizing and find doing so makes the flow of my day and my life more smooth. This, in turn, relaxes me. So if you too enjoy keeping things organized you will love this Balanced Day Planner that encourages you to make time for self care and gratitude, even if you're a workaholic. We've got a great selection of daily, weekly and meal planners in the shop for you, check them out here. 

Sampler Incense Bundle by Incausa

Sampler Incense Bundle - Thread Spun - By Incausa Social Enterprise

This incense sampler by Incausa has something for everyone, pick your poison. Breu Resin, Palo Santo, White Sage and Chacrona incense sticks and pure Palo Santo. Always sustainably and ethically harvested and produced, because calming scents should be guilt-free. Get one for yourself and one for a friend - this sampler makes the perfect gift.

Golden Burst Handmade Vase by Curious Clay

Handmade Golden Burst Ceramic Vase - Thread Spun - Curious Clay


If you often find yourself stuck at work or planted firmly in front of your laptop at home, fill up this gorgeous ceramic vase with a dried floral bouquet and find a moment of peace to yourself. This handmade golden burst vase features color blocking and gold luster. Multi glazes are arranged in a "rainbow" and finished with a gold luster burst. Each vase features one-of-a-kind glaze applications and is completely unique, just like your self-care regiment. This self-care gift would also work well for the next self-care recipient...the home cook; this vase doubles as the perfect kitchen utensil holder.


Self-Care Gifts for the Home Cook

I'm very much an amateur chef. With three kids, I find myself mostly cooking veggie nuggets (and eating the leftovers). About once or twice a week I truly do find so much joy in choosing a recipe and making a homemade meal from scratch. I find it's especially calming with a glass of wine or if my husband is home to distract the kids. Here are a few self-care gift ideas for the home chef.


¡Buenos Nachos! Cookbook

Buenos Nachos Cookbook - Thread Spun - W & P


A cookbook dedicated to nachos, need I say more? Okay, I will. Inside, you’ll find recipes from TV food icons, film and music stars (including Bill Hader and Big Freedia) and dozen of America’s top chefs and culinary leaders. Their creations range from the traditional and minimalist to a nacho volcano that erupts molten cheese. Choose your favorite Bill Hader comedy on Netflix, and chill...with nachos. 

Handwoven Tea Towels by Minna

Handwoven Tea Towel - Minna Blocks Beige - Thread Spun


These handwoven tea towels made in Oaxaca, Mexico are a classic yet modern addition to any kitchen. Soft enough to function as hand towels, and durable enough to soak up spills around the kitchen, these towels are the perfect self-care tool and are beautiful, to boot.

Ceramic Bird Bowl by Knotwork LA

Ceramic Bird Bowls handmade by Knotwork LA for any kitchen


These little bird bowls with beak spouts are a bright and cheery addition to any home cook's kitchen. They include a beak spout that is perfect for salad dressing or snacks for the table. I use mine as a little popcorn cup for family movie night. 


Ceramic To-Go Bowl by Porter

Ceramic to-go bowl by Porter includes silicone lid.

This premium, ceramic lunch bowl features a protective silicone wrap, rigid plastic lid and snap-tight silicone strap. It's perfect for storing yummy leftovers, and makes cleaning up a cinch. Use it to transport your salad, grain bowl or leftovers - because the ability to take a home cooked meal with you wherever you go is the perfect self-care gift.

Hand-Carved Heavy Wooden Spoon

Hand-carved wooden spoon - Fair Trade - Thread Spun


These hand carved wood spoons are available in gorgeous cherry or maple wood. They're the perfect kitchen spoon for meal-prep, baking, and serving. A large, deep bowl, and long chiseled handle characterize this spoon, making them beautiful and useful.

Matcha Shaker and Whisk

Matcha Shaker and Whisk - Gift Guide - Thread Spun


Yummmm, caffeine. I love a good cup of matcha but have always found making it at home to result in a less than superior mug of tea. Enter the Matcha Whisk and Shaker, the perfect self care gift for the home cook. Blend hot matcha drinks in seconds with the push of a button with the matcha whisk, which can also be used to froth milk, and blend sauces or dressings. Is iced matcha your go to? Shake and enjoy iced matcha lattes anywhere with this three-piece shaker and serving glass. 

Self Care Gift Guide - Self Care Bath - Thread Spun


I've never been good at putting myself first, but as I've gotten older and had kids I realize it's one of those "you've got to put the oxygen mask on yourself first", scenarios. A season of gift-giving is almost upon us; put your metaphorical mask on and don't forget yourself or your self-care regiment.  What are you doing still reading this? Shop our extended self-care edit by clicking below.



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