Home Highlights | July 2021

Once a month, we're highlighting our favorite Home Decor!  Shop ethically and sustainably made goods that bring unique character to your space.
Cactus Silk Pillow Thread Spun Ethically Made
Cactus Silk 
These pillows and rugs are far from ordinary. Made by hand in Marrakech, skilled craftswomen transform natural desert agave fibers into these beautiful and intricate textiles. It's a process that takes days, using time honored methods passed down from generation to generation. These women hand spin the thread from the agave fibers, weave using family looms and finish with traditional embroidered motifs.
Thread Spun Flavor Equation Book Cooking Cook Book
Flavor Equation
Cooking meets science in this funky cookbook by Nik Sharma, a molecular biologist using his background to explore all of the components of cooking and eating. He goes in depth to explain how things like sight, emotion, texture, aromas, etc all affect our perception of food and its flavor. It's packed with a full range of over 100 recipes, 150+ photos (some he took with a microscope) and colorful illustrations by artist Matteo Rivera. Nothing could ever be boring again with this cookbook in your kitchen.
Thread Spun Olive Wood Teaspoon Set Home Decor Kitchen
Olive Wood Teaspoon Set
Handmade by artisans in rural Kenya, this set of four teaspoons are made from sustainable sourced olive wood and tipped with a batiked bone accent. They come in a hand sewn kitenge pouch made from traditional Eastern African textiles.
Knotwork LA Tiki Planters Pots Plants Thread Spun
Tiki Planters
Knotwork LA creates these one of a kind beauts that are sure to give any space some character. Each one has their own personality and is made by hand so no two are the same. They're about 8 inches tall and 6.5 inches around, and there's a drainage hole too.  
Turkish Towels Thread Spun Ethically Made
Turkish Towels
Peshtemals were originally a common sight in hammams, but these versatile towels have become well known around the world. Lightweight, absorbent, and beautifully designed, turkish towels can be used as a shawl, a table cloth, or a towel for any occasion you'd need a towel for. These are made by local craftspeople in Turkey from premium Turkish cotton and are finished with hand loomed tassels.

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