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Galentine's Day the Thread Spun Way

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the social pressure of consumption and commercialism for Valentine’s Day, and if you don’t have a romantic partner to be with during the holiday, it can even feel a bit exclusive, making a lot of people have a love-hate relationship with February 14th. The day before, though, is a day coined as GALentine’s day, one that can solve any ill feelings during the season of love. 

What's Galentine's Day? Oh, it's only the best day of the year. Every February 13th, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies. It's like Lilith Fair, minus the angst. Plus frittatas."
— “Galentine’s Day,” Parks and Recreation

Thread Spun's Galentine's Day Blog

So whether or not you have a boo to celebrate Valentine' Day with, Galentine’s is one of inclusion; a day to celebrate all of the powerful women in our lives, and to recognize the impact that our friends have on us, female or not, and thank them for their consistent loyalty, love, and support…  

We’ve set you up with our top picks to ethically create the perfect environment to celebrate you and the gals, (or pals), with products you can continue to use past the holiday. 

Treat Yo’self

handmade olive wood cutting or serving board sold at thread spun

A charcuterie board is the perfect treat to accompany a gal’s night - relish in the bonding of indulging together and create a beautiful spread of your choice, maybe even implement some red and pink fruits and jams to accent the theme of the holiday. 14" x 9" inches, and beautifully hand carved, this Olive Wood Cutting Board is the perfect canvas to lay your delights out on. 

ceramic cocktail cups sold at thread spun

A celebration is not complete without a toast, which is easy to do with these Ceramic Cocktail cups, adorned with a stunning glaze, and shaped with an ergonomic thumb dent to support your grip. Regardless if you’re crafting cocktails, mocktails, or throwing it back with boxed wine, these cups will serve you and the gal’s well, time and time again.

Thread Spun's Galentine's Day Blog

Set the Mood

Okay, now that the taste buds are taken care of, it’s time to establish the vibe for the night and get cozy.

peruvian palo santo and selenite bundle sold at thread spun

As you may know, herbs are known for a variety of healing properties, like purifying spaces from negative energies and can even equalize your mood. With smoke cleansing becoming practiced more frequently, common herbs have been overharvested, impacting the growth and population of species. At Thread Spun, we have a variety of Herb Bundles you can choose from that have been ethically harvested and dried, paired with a crystal to amplify the positive energies for the night. Light one and parade it around your space, whether you’re inside or social distanced outside, and feel the environment reset as you prepare to settle down with the gals. If you’d like to show your love a bit more, gift a bundle to each one of your friends!

high sun low moon herbal cigarettes sold at thread spun 

Now there's a second type of smoke medicine that utilizes the healing properties of plants, which may not be for everyone, but inhaling herbs has been a ceremonial practice for years to aid in emotional and spiritual well being. If this variation of smoke medicine resonates with you and the community you’re celebrating with, there’s two blends of organic herbal pre-rolls from High Sun Low Moon to calm nerves and create a sensual essence of the night.

sima turkish towel sold at thread spun

Comfort levels for the night would not be reached without a cozy textile to wrap yourself in. These natural, raw Turkish cotton towels are so soft and large, they’re perfect to throw across the couch or even lay down if you’re creating a comfy floor space. Durable and light weight, they’re sure to last you many seasons.

thread spun galentine's day blog

Self Care

Girls just wanna have fun - and feel good in their skin! Galentine's Day is not complete without incorporating apothecary into the mix, and it is not done right unless you’re showing your body love with natural and non toxic products!

What better way to treat yourself other than a DIY facial with the rest of your friends? As we have a multitude of products to support your self care rituals, there’s a few we would like to point out… 

green theory clay mask sold at thread spun

A clay based face mask is essential to achieve a deeply restorative cleanse, and a favorite of ours comes in biodegradable single packets, which is perfect for every person to use for the occasion. Plus the Green Theory Mask is made with wholesome, all natural ingredients that you can actually pronounce!

salud shoppe's face oil serum sold at thread spun

It’s important to nourish the delicate skin on our faces, and we’ve found Salud’s best selling Oil Face Serum to do just the trick. Formulated from botanical ingredients, this serum gently resurfaces your skin while repairing your hydrolipid layer to stimulate and strengthen collagen. 

citrine gua sha sold at thread spun

Take your facial to the next level and pair the serum with the use of a Citrine Gua Sha ~ A tool in Chinese medicine to increase blood flow and lymphatic circulation, and to improve your complexion overall. 

salud shoppe's modern empress body oil sold at thread spun

You can’t neglect the rest of your skin, and you cant let the girlies either. Another one from Salud, their Modern Empress Body Oil contains organic sesame oil and is infused with crystal quartz. We love the skin benefits this oil brings and the generous size bottle, which is perfect to share for the night.

positive times high vibe nail polish sold at thread spun

Lastly, you can’t have the girls leaving without a fresh manicure. Well, Positive Time’s non toxic High Vibe Polish is the best choice for embellishing. 8 colors to choose from, all vegan, cruelty free, and crystal infused. You can’t go wrong with “Garnet” or “Sunstone” to color coordinate with this love filled holiday.

thread spun galentine's blog

Hopefully now you’ve gathered some inspiration to conduct a proper Galentine’s Day and show love to those who are most important to you, whether that be your girlfriends, sisters, mama, or pals. Implement all, or some, of our top picks to add some spice to your special occasion this year, all while consuming consciously. 

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