Handmade pillows from India with a handwoven basket from East Africa and an ethically-made wall hanging from Mexico

Ethical Home Goods: Shop Our Thread Spun Favorites to get Cozy

We truly delight in our brick and mortar store on Coast Hwy 101 and feel SO MUCH JOY when customers tell us that they wish their homes looked like the shop. We hear it so often that we cooked up this guide to share the best of our home decor finds and the cozy comforts we love most so you can invoke the Thread Spun magic in your home. You’ll also find some great gifts for your loved ones who may be celebrating a housewarming or intimate gathering.
Handmade art, wall hangings and furniture styled in a coastal California home
Wooden shelves styled with a variety of unique and handmade art, wall hangings and art objects
Thread Spun goods styled in a California home featuring unique art and handmade ceramics by Virginia Sin
In this blog, you’ll find home goods that bring true warmth and wholesomeness to your space with integrity and soul that only ethical production can provide. No cookie-cutter clutter here that will overwhelm your sanctuary and create additional waste once it’s short useful life comes to an end. Instead, we scour local and global fair trade vendors and artisan wares to deliver ethical home goods and cozy classics for a lifetime you won’t find elsewhere. 
Your five senses can discern quality and individuality from the moment you cross our threshold, with all-natural scents, organic fabrics and unique pieces galore to keep you present and vibing high while finding treasures to bring home. While this experience is singular, we guarantee our online store can bestow the heartfelt-ness to your doorstep with a few clicks. 
Handmade ceramics and coffee press styled alongside poetry by local artists from Leucadia California
A console table styled with unique art items and wall hangings from local store Thread Spun
A stack of unique cookbooks from ethical home goods store Thread Spun
Since we expanded our shop just over a year ago, we also stepped up our offerings for kitchen wares, handmade furniture, hearty textiles and artisanal scents and candles both in-store and online. We’ve made the ample selection of our favorite home goods and cozy comforts easy to navigate with four #homegoals categories for your perusal. Scroll on to see curated goods for The Best Smelling Bungalow on the Block, Easeful Entertaining and Consciously Cozy (home goods + apparel that will keep you warm and snug).
Thread Spun home goods styled on a wall featuring a handwoven African basket, independent art and handwoven wall hanging

The Best Smelling Bungalow on the Block:
Bad vibes? We’ve got incense for that. Messy house? It really just takes lighting up an amazing candle to make your home feel clean and fresh. Having a great smelling space is often the missing piece to a relaxing home. Below you’ll find our current top picks for keeping the house cozy and smelling like you’ve got it all figured out even if your sink is full of dishes and your pup needs a bath. 

Incausa Medium Bath and Meditate soap and incense bundle sold at Thread Spun

Bath and Meditation Bundle $36: Palo Santo wood, White Sage charcoal resin incense sticks,  pulverized Palo Santo and bar of vegan essential oil soap make up this precious array of sacred offerings. Incausa’s product line of handmade goods from indigenous communities are designed to inspire ritual and meditation. Their profits are reinvested in indigenous heritage and sovereignty. This is a perfect set to explore using incense to clear your space and set the stage for peace and relaxation. 

Roen Terre Candles sold at Thread Spun

Terre Candle $32: Roen candles are crafted of all-natural coconut wax with cotton wicks. The Terre candle is a crowd favorite with its fresh and complex scent, earthy notes of oakmoss, musk and sandalwood complimented beautifully with a subtle hint of clean citrus and sage. 

P.F. Candle Co Teakwood and Tobacco Reed Diffuser sold at Thread Spun

Reed Diffuser-Teakwood and Tobacco $24: This is a scent folks seek out in the shop because they’ve smelled it at a friend’s and fallen in love. Teakwood and Tobacco was the first scent launched by California-based brand P.F. Candle, a top-selling brand in the shop. They made outstanding candles but we love the reed diffusers for their staying power that infuses linens and clothes with its rich essence. P.F. Candle is an awesome independently owned company with a commitment to carbon neutrality.

Incausa White Sage Copal Resin Incense Bundle sold at Thread Spun

White Sage Incense Bundle $20: These copal resin incense sticks infused with white sage create a beautiful smokey burn to clear out all that stagnant energy. The white sage is ethically and sustainably harvested and contains antimicrobial properties, use these to purify your space and make sure you have a window open to let the old energy escape.

Easeful Entertaining:
If your inner light glows most as host, we’d like to offer enchanting handmade goods to make your guests feel nurtured and at ease in your lair with some soulful art, subtle lighting and memorable handcrafted ceramics.

Ceramic Cocktail Cups by Gravesco Pottery sold at Thread Spun 

Ceramic Cocktail Cups by Gravesco $34: Cozy up to a cup with grooves that fit perfectly in your hand. These gentle ridges are interrupted by an indent for your thumb to fit perfectly and with a closer look you can see these cups are made by hand and no two are alike. Your guests will delight in being served a holiday cocktail. May we suggest adding some Dram Bitters to your list exactly for this purpose? These are lovingly made by a woman potter in Indiana.

Asis Woven Tapestry by Meso Goods sold at Thread Spun

Asis Woven Tapestry $299: Nesting is complete when this beautiful tapestry adorns a formerly bare wall. It’s a subtle statement and we love its contemporary look contrasting slate greys alongside a warm and fluffy white. This piece is 100% handmade by guatemalan weavers who are paid fairly for their art.  

 Estes Woven Tapestry from Meso Goods sold at Thread Spun

Estes Woven Tapestry $299: The bohemian, colorful sister to the Asis Tapestry, the Estes is an upbeat and chipper addition to adorn your walls with a little warmth. Also made by Meso Goods through a partnership with indigenous craftspeople, this piece was brought to life by Guatemalan artists who receive a living wage for their work. It’s 100% handspun wool with a brushed brass rod. 

Virginia Sin ceramic Duo Candle Holder sold in store at Thread Spun

Virginia Sin Duo Candle Holder (in store only) $68: SIN ceramics are a shop favorite. This duo candle holder brings an amusing look to your table or shelf. Add a couple glowing candles, and you’ve got yourself a really sweet and welcoming atmosphere. Virginia Sin is a Brooklyn-based woman artist and entrepreneur and her ceramics are modern, slightly quirky and unlike most other ceramics of their kind. 

Wood lighting fixtures handcrafted in Montreal from local materials by Atelier Stobben sold at Thread Spun

Bommel Dome Lighting (Starting at $215): Get that good lighting with the help of Bommel’s Dome Light fixtures. We have three above the register at the shop and they radiate a glowy, warm and sunny feel that counters even the gloomiest days. The domes are wood-turned from solid birch in Montreal. Modern and minimal, they are inspired by Mennonite design and sensibility. You can choose the color of cord you would like to match your home’s existing appliances. 

Consciously Cozy at Home: 
‘Tis the season to kick up your cozy factor to all new highs. We’ve lined up our top picks to deliver to you cozytown this year with the comfort of knowing our goods are created consciously by people who are paid a living wage for their work. Check out our favorite pieces to inspire soft, luxurious and homey goods for your sacred and sustainable space. 
Traditional Momo Blanket sold at Thread Spun

Momo Blanket $175: This snuggly masterpiece is handloomed by Ki’che’ Mayan artisans from sheep local to their mountain range in western Guatemala. It’s a blend of organic cotton and sheep’s wool and dyed with natural dyes and pigment. We love the pattern of alternating blond stripes and bands of arrows that’s both modern and ancient. It’s fair trade by an artisan owned cooperative. Cozy up in this beauty ‘till spring breaks.  

Spiral Beeswax Candles by Cave Glow sold at Thread Spun

Spiral Beeswax Candles $27: These handmade beauties are hippie dippy on the inside and totally sophisticated on the dinner table. Handmade in the Catskills by Cave Glow with pure beeswax, cotton wicks and natural dyes, they come in two color palettes: Dusk and Pure Beeswax. We love the way they add an organic twist to create a beautiful atmosphere with warm lighting.

The Linear II Woven Rug by Meso Goods. This woven rug combines contemporary design with the ancient artisan traditions of Guatemala. Sold at Thread Spun.

Parallelogram Woven Rug $375: A shag rug has never looked so timeless as this piece handmade with traditional techniques in Guatemala’s Momostenango highlands. It’s soft and fluffy enough to cuddle upon with a good book, yet rugged enough to be under foot. Warm up a whole room with the addition of an inviting, contemporary design made by artisans who are earning a sustaining income through timeless creations like this. 

Fair Trade Pillows:
Throw pillows are the spice of home life. Swap them out seasonally to make a room look new to you. The ones we stock will stand the test of time and actually gain character rather than getting tattered and frayed.  A few we are currently loving are: 

Rafeala Wool Pillow $99: 100% wool hand loomed by artisans earning a sustainable living through their craft. This one is off-white blocked with gentle cream seams striped up and down. Perfect for a minimalist home or to combine with other prints and textures. 

100% wool pillows handmade in Guatemala sold at Thread Spun

Occur Pillow $99: Also pedal loomed in the Momostenango highlands of Guatemala, this weave features bolder black seams alongside a marbled grey half-moon. 

Black Timkin Pillow $130: An intricate pattern of hand block-printed fabric adorns the front panel of this 100% luxe cotton pillow. It features an easy to use zipper and a feather down insert. The fabric is ethically made in India.

Nepsa Banded Pillow and Timkin Pillow, handmade and fair trade pillows sold at Thread Spun

Nepsa Banded Pillows $120: Colorful, geometric block printed linen pillows warm up a space with a sun-soaked feel. They are available in mustard and saffron and are also hand block-printed under ethical working conditions in India.

Consciously Cozy Apparel: 
We are slipping in some apparel picks to this guide on coziness at home because if you’re not comfortable in what you’re wearing, it is sure hard to be comfortable in your surroundings. Here are a few shop staples and new-in seasonal items that will keep ya comfy from the streets to the sheets.

Laude the Label Cropped Knit Sweater made with alpaca wool sold at Thread Spun

Laude the Label Cropped Sweater $268: Get the flattering shape of a crewneck with the elegance of artisan-knit baby alpaca wool. This is a sweater to love for life with a classic neckline, drop shoulder that’s cropped to just the right length to wear with high-rise bottoms or denim. It’s handmade in Peru by family-operated studios who can keep their centuries-old traditions alive thanks to an ethical, global consumer base. 

Moroccan Slippers made from vintage Moroccan rugs sold at Thread Spun

Moroccan Kilim Slippers $55: We’ve raved about these slippers in past gift guides so take this as a sign it’s time for you to grab a pair of these one-of-a-kind treasures for yourself. Their history runs deep because they’re made of vintage kilim rugs dyed ensuring that each pair is totally unique and individual. Goat leather provides a strong, soft sole that will keep them comfy and long-lasting. These will continue to get better with time as they mold perfectly to your feet. 

Le Bon Cottage Socks sold at Thread Spun

Socks by Le Bon $20:  Anyone else share that feeling when you slip on a pair of buttery socks that you’ve suddenly figured out the secret to happiness? These babies have that effect. They’re also the socks you want to wear with sandals and clogs to capture that ‘I don’t care but I’m chic’ lewk. Choose between Toffee, Cottage White, Peachy Keen and Tobacco. Or not, and just get one of each. Your future self will thank you. 

Hand embroidered quilted cotton swing jacket sold at Thread Spun

Quilted Cotton Swing Jacket $275: There is no jacket more cozy than this one. It’s literally a puffy quilt that you could feel equal parts heavenly in lounging around the house and elegant out to a fine dinner. The jacket showcases the skill and expertise of artisans in small villages India who made it and is designed by globally recognized professionals living in the country’s metropolitan city centers. 

Mirth Cotton Pajamas Sets made in India and sold at Thread Spun

Mirth Pajamas $125: Playful, 100% cotton block printed jammies are just what you need to fully settle into a long winter’s restorative rest. They are handmade by master printers in Bagru, India and come with a matching cotton drawstring bag so you can tote them along for your out-of-town holiday rounds and still feel right at home.  They’re a perfect set for pleasant rest year round. Choose between the lilac or shebert set. 

Thank you for reading this far and doing the extra work to learn about home goods and cozy comforts that not only make your home a haven, but also create well-paid jobs and preserve traditions for artisans worldwide.Thread Spun exists to inspire or offer calm and sanctuary from the mass-produced consumer culture beyond our four walls. So much of that magic, cozy feeling comes from being surrounded by elevated design created with a fair trade ethos. We hope you leave this guide feeling rejuvenated and hopeful after discovering some fair trade goods that make your home, and our world a happier place.

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