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Ethical Gifts Under $50: Thread Spun Gift Guide

So you've got gift giving on the mind...nice work! If you’ve made it this far, it means you are putting a little extra thought into selecting the holiday gifts that will show your loved ones you care. We’re here to point you in the right direction with our favorite unique and ethical gifts under $50 to help you celebrate whichever holiday you choose. 
We are early gift shoppers here at Thread Spun and we recommend shopping early this holiday season to ease the craze that can get the better of us once the parade of social commitments, family flare-ups and holiday cheer (can also be read fear) takes hold. Hot tip: stash your accumulating gifts in one place so you can keep all your presents organized. May we suggest this perfect basket handwoven in Oaxaca to keep you organized?
Speaking of organization, this ethical gift guide has you covered with gifts for four personality types, click the icons below or keep reading the gift guide to see our top gift picks. 
Ethical Gifts Under $50 For the Homebody | Thread SpunEthical Gifts Under $50 for the Social Butterfly | Thread Spun Gift GuideEthical Gifts Under $50 for the Workaholic | Thread Spun Gift GuideEthical Gifts Under $50 for the Home Cook | Thread Spun Gift Guide

Under $50 Gift Guide for the Homebody | Thread Spun Ethical Gifts | Gift Guide Under $50

Gifts Under $50 for the Homebody: 

It’s so fun to shop for the homebodies! Think cozy, self-care and ethical home goods that enhance inner peace by beautifying the outer sanctuary. Pamper your loved ones with some self-care tools and perhaps a puzzle to entertain over the holidays around the coffee table. 


Pink Theory Clay Mask | Ethical Gifts Under $50 | Thread Spun Gift Guide


Pink Theory Clay Mask $24: Give your homebodies a great excuse to decline a social outing in favor of an evening in with Bell Mountain’s soothing and softening Kaolin clay mask. Chamomile and Rose Hip powder ease redness and brighten skin to keep it looking fresh and dewy. It’s especially effective to add a little honey into this gentle (yet effective) mask. Plus, we've also got it available in a sample size in case you'd like to use it as a stocking stuffer for your homebody.


House Planted Book | Thread Spun Gift Guide | Holiday Gifts Under $50


House Planted Book $16.99: A great read to spark interior design potential with your houseplants. Pick up some tips and troubleshooting skills to see your plants flourish or learn which new plants to adopt to maximize your space. The author’s style offers casual creativity to bring a vibrant, happy plant palate to life. The added dose of green will keep your homebody upbeat and optimistic during the winter months at home.


Handmade Gifts Under $50 | Mini Face Tumbler by Rami Kim | Thread Spun Gift Guide


Mini Face Tumbler $48: A subtle little inanimate friend handmade by Los Angeles artist Rami Kim, a gift to keep warm company even from a far. It’s meant for everyday use to enjoy morning coffee or tea or evening wine and adds a touch of joy to the daily routine.


Gifts Under $50 | Lhasa Incense Scroll by Incausa | Thread Spun Gift Guide


Lhasa Incense Scroll $28: Clear the air and evoke a distant Himalayan mountain vibe with Incausa’s incense made by third-generation artisans. This incense is wrapped in handmade Nepalese lokta paper that makes it the perfect addition to our gift guide as it essentially comes pre-gift wrapped. Sage, pine, clove, fill the room with the essence of your heartfelt gift at an excellent price. 


Boheme Essential Oil Candle | Thread Spun Gift Guide | Ethical Gifts Under $50


Tahiti Candle $48: Bohéme Candles of the Wanderlust Collection are carefully formulated to transport you to faraway paradises and bustling cities from the comfort of your living room. The hand-poured Tahiti blend layers base notes of white amber and musk to ground you while top notes of gardenia, hibiscus and coconut lift the spirits to tropical heights. Plus, it's a beautiful candle that doubles as home decor.


Unique Gifts Under $50 | Homebody Gift Guide by Thread Spun | Food for Thought Puzzle


Food for Thought Puzzle $40: Whether your homebody needs some alone time or wants to entertain friends and family, this puzzle will provide hours of fun. Plus, once completed, it almost looks good enough to eat! This is a fun gift for kids and parents to do together.


Gifts Under $50 for the Social Butterfly: 

Gifts Under $50 for the Homebody | Thread Spun Gift Guide | Ethical Gifts


We always love finding unique gifts for the social butterfly. Think tools for helping them to connect with friends and family, jewelry and accessories with which to adorn for a night on the town, and natural boosts for the skin and immune system.


Unique Gifts Under $50 | Actually Curious Cards | Thread Spun Gift Guide


Actually Curious Card Game $25: Cut through the seasonal holiday small talk with this handy deck of cards meant to inspire deeper conversations and insight into the people who surround you. The Culture Edition is designed to help us find the things that connect us, regardless of background, and helps players to explore lived experiences. Now this is the true meaning of the holidays.


Simple gold arch ring ethically made by hand


Arc Stacking Ring $32: Gift some shine with the Arc Stacking ring. It’s subtle enough to wear daily and sophisticated to elevate a special stack. The delicate 14 karat gold arc looks gorgeous framed atop a bigger stone. This top-seller appeals to a wide variety of personal styles and compliments any look, making it a versatile addition to our gift guide. 


Woll Giant Bobby Pin | Thread Spun Gift Guide | Ethical Gifts Under $50


Giant Bobby Pin 2.0 $40: We love the Giant Bobby Pin because it works great for a casual bun or a more done-up style in all kinds of hair. Social Butterflies will appreciate the versatility of this accessory and the fact that it easily adds a fun little statement to any updo.


Fat and the Moon Natural Makeup and Lipstick | Thread Spun Natural Beauty | Gift Guide Under $50


Fat and the Moon Make Up - from $20: Clean beauty products are key to keeping skin happy and healthy looking during the holiday season. For a friend who goes out a lot, and perhaps re-applies makeup several times throughout the day, Fat and the Moon make up is a thoughtful gift that can be stashed in a clutch or purse for the right dose of color. Try Lip and Cheek Stain reddened with organic beetroot, Lit Highlighter with mica and medicine of madrone to sparkle or Earth Eye Coal that is a natural alternative to most eyeliners containing heavy metals. Give the gift of clean beauty this year.


Wooden Spoon Herbs Tincture | Thread Spun Gift Guide | Gifts Under $50


Wooden Spoon Herbs Tinctures $36: Take a gander at Thread Spun’s collection of Wooden Spoon Herbs in stock. There is one for any need or ailment and just requires a few droppers full to do the trick. For any social butterfly slumping in the darker, shorter days of winter, we recommend Immunity Now Herbal Bitters blend of mushrooms, flowers, berries, and leaves to better support the body’s innate resilience.


Gifts Under $50 for the Workaholic: 

Under $50 Gift Guide | Ethical Gifts for the Workaholic | Thread Spun Gift Guide

Ahh, the workaholic. Everyone has one in their lives and it can sometimes feel less than fun to shop for holiday gifts for these go-getters. We're here to change this feeling, because we truly believe the spirit of the holidays is found through giving. We've got you covered with all-natural bath and beauty products, unique pieces of art to beautify any office space, and even some adaptogens.


Ardent Goods Natural Bath Products | Thread Spun Gift Guide | Gifts Under $50


Aromatic Balm $14: These small-batch balms come in chamomile and eucalyptus/mint and their airtight tins make it simple to keep in your bag and apply to pulse points for some aromatic relaxation throughout the day. Made from high-quality California essential oils, a dash of vitamin e and organic beeswax. Gift alone or add any of the other beautifully-minimalist and natural bath and body care items from Ardent Goods and still be under your $50 budget.


Balance my Stress Adaptogens | Peak and Valley on Thread Spun Gift guide | Gifts Under $50


Balance My Stress Adaptogen Blend $40: A neuroscientist formulated the recipe of herbs and mushrooms in this stress-balancing adaptogentic blend that is simple to add to morning tea or coffee. Give the gift of mental acuity and clarity in the face of stressful year-end deadlines with just a spoonful of this chocolatey mixture. The perfect stress-relieving addition to our gift guide.


Coco Shalom Art Print | Thread Spun Holiday Gift Guide | Handmade Gifts Under $50


Coco Shalom Print $25: Just because your favorite workaholic's life may be a bit chaotic doesn't mean their space should be. Any workspace will be instantly beautified by any of the art prints we have in stock, but artist Coco Shalom offers calming pieces inspired by nature to bring a little peace to the workday. Plus, they're printed on 100% recycled paper!


Essential oil roller | Thread Spun gift guide | Gifts Under $50


Balance Essential Oil Roller Wand $22: Open Heart Apothecary’s light and comforting essential oil roller combines rose geranium, neroli, cedarwood, vanilla, lavender, and frankincense to balance intense energy. Ward it right off with these sacred scents! Add a unique gemstone for the perfect combination of stocking stuffers.

Eau Claire Flower and Resin Paperweight | Thread Spun Gift Guide | Gifts Under $50


Flower + Resin Paperweight - From $42: Preorder a gorgeous non-toxic resin and locally-sourced flower paperweight from Eau Claire Resin, made completely by hand in Hamilton, Canada. As useful to your favorite workaholic as it is beautiful, the neutral color palette and touch of nature will bring the receiver right back down to earth.

Gifts Under $50 for the Home Cook: 


Under $50 Gift Guide for the Home Cook | Ethical Gift Guide | Thread Spun Holiday Gifts


We love shopping for the home cook, so we've got the shop stocked with unique and sustainable gifts to help them hone their craft. From cookbooks to ingredients to gorgeous bowls in which to mix up something special, we've got you covered this holiday season with plenty of options for gifts under $50 for the home chef.


Happy Organics Honey | Thread Spun Gift Guide | Sustainable Gifts Under $50


Happy Honey $24: This sustainably harvested, raw California honey naturally contains floral essence, pollen, propolis, and wax, making it a superfood. Happy Organics doesn't heat, process or filter their honey, allowing the beneficial enzymes to remain present in the honey and maintain its medicinal benefits. This is the perfect gift for the home cook to use for sweetening baked goods, marinating proteins, or adding to a cup of hot tea on a cold day. Choose from a variety of flavors, including one with added CBD.


We Are La Cocina Cookbook | Thread Spun Gift Guide | Gifts Under $50


We Are La Cocina $35: Powerful stories and beautifully evocative visuals abound in this cookbook that features more than 100 recipes from many cultures. More than 50 successful chefs and entrepreneurs from around the world share their inspiring narratives—and their delicious recipes! More than 200 photographs from award-winning photographer Eric Wolfinger capture the spirit of the people, the mouthwatering food, and the diversity of the immigrant experience. This is the perfect gift for cooks who love great global recipes.


Fair Trade Moroccan Serving Bowl | Thread Spun Gift Guide | Gift Guides Under $50


Moroccan Handmade Ceramic Bowl $50: This handmade ceramic bowl is made ethically in Morocco and creates fair pay for talented artisans. Each serving bowl is hand painted using traditional production processes in Marrakesh and includes 12k gold paint highlights. This bowl is perfect for mixing up your favorite holiday treat or serving guests for a holiday meal and is sure to be treasured heirloom for seasons to come.

Black Food Cookbook | Thread Spun Gift Guide | Gifts Under $50


Black Food Book $40: Most cooks think they have too many cookbooks but are hungry for more when it offers a new look at food. The Black Food Book highlights voices of the African Diaspora and complex themes such as homeland, migration and spirituality through the lens of cooking. This book is deeply moving and insightful - the perfect gift for any home chef or entertainer.


Handmade Dessau Beaker | Thread Spun Gift Guide | Gifts Under $50


Dessau Beaker $32: These sleek and sophisticated kitchen tools handmade in the US are heirloom quality and also dishwasher safe. They are functional 5 oz measuring cups that also look beautiful as part of any tablescape. Whether you're filling this beaker with cream for morning coffee or gravy for a special meal, it makes the perfect gift under $50 for the home cook who appreciates function and form. Frankly, we feel handmade ceramics are the perfect holiday gift because they are something everyone wants but are less likely to purchase for themselves. Be a hero, buy a handmade ceramic.


Neutral Holiday Lights | Ethical and Handmade Gift Guide | Gifts Under $50


We hope this gift guide for unique and handmade gifts $50 and under covered all the bases to keep you sane on the verge of another holiday season. We are offering seasonal gift wrapping too if that helps ease your load - just add gift wrapping at checkout. New goodies are rolling in every day, so check back anytime, or shop all gifts under $50 by clicking below!


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