Apothecary & Clean Beauty Gift Guide by Thread Spun

Apothecary + Clean Beauty Gift Guide

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Thread Spun may only be one hundred square feet in size, but our apothecary selection is proof that a brick and mortar shop does things the internet cannot. Smelling, touching and trying new ethical products for you and your loved ones is an experience we love to offer in our handmade and fair trade retail shop in Leucadia. From candles and incense to bath and beauty, makeup to CBD, we've got you covered with ethical and natural apothecary products in this clean beauty gift guide!

Interior of Thread Spun retail store in Leucadia, California which focuses on selling handmade and fair trade products for you and your home, as well as gifts

Just in case you don't live local to Encinitas or can't visit us in person this year, we've rounded up some of our favorite clean beauty products in this holiday gift guide. And yes, it is a gift guide, but let’s just agree that it’s not wrong to slip yourself to the top of your gifting list! So no guilt when you encounter something you love. Scroll on for clean beauty and bath and body products and ethical gifts created naturally by talented alchemists and herbalists - by intentional hands rather than destructive brands. 

Bathing Culture biodegradable and organic soap is gentle on your skin and the environment and sold at Thread Spun in Encinitas

Mind and Body Wash - Bathing Culture

Friends and family will be forever thankful if you introduce this body wash into their bathing rituals. This is truly the perfect simple gift, which is why it tops our apothecary & clean beauty gift guide. One whiff of ‘Cathedral Grove’ transports you to northern California’s forested headlands where this biodegradable soap was created. All at once moisturizing and revitalizing, bath time with Bathing Culture is a superior experience to bestow! All bottles are ‘reincarnated’ from 100% California-sourced recycled plastic. 

Everyday Radiance Body Oil by Salud Shoppe is made entirely by hand with organic and natural oils and ingredients to moisturize your skin

Everyday Radiance Body Oil - Salud Shoppe

This versatile, all-over body oil made locally in Southern California offers skin a deeply moisturizing ritual that your lucky recipient will look forward to every morning. Salud Shoppe’s blend of strictly top shelf organics including sesame and rich Bergamot essential oil is perfectly balanced for a body that runs cold. Gorgeous on the shelf, each bottle hosts a tiny reiki-blessed crystal. What could be more Encinitas than that? This is a beautiful and utilitarian clean beauty gift.

All natural and organic hand lotion and cream by Nash and Jones to nourish dry hands and cuticles

Peppermint + Tea Tree Hand Cream - Nash + Jones

A spa pouch can be built around this product alone! It’s key during long drives, boring meetings or brutal flights. Instant revitalization! Hands of all ages will stay silk-smooth for the long run after a single application of Nash Jones’ cream. Perfume-free, essential oils do the heavy lifting to re-energize and uplift when a long bath is out of the question.  

All organic and natural essential oil sprays to use on your body or around the home in a variety of scents like peppermint and lavender by Happy Spritz

Essential Oil Body + Home Sprays - Happy Spritz

Leave no stocking un-spritzed! When we began planning this apothecary and clean beauty gift guide we knew we needed to include these sprays. Handcrafted blends by Happy Spritz have totally nailed blends for bed time, morning rituals and just generally good karma vibes. The loving gesture of aromatherapy will endure all year long with gentle mists providing a sense of calm or uplifting merriment. Plus each bottle sold gives back to animal rescue sponsorships - the perfect sentiment for this holiday season.

 Sun worshipper oil by Urb Apothecary is all natural and organic sun repair serum or oil for your face and body

Sun Worshiper’s Serum - Urb Apothecary

Get your friends and family in the healthy habit of never leaving home without this one. In SoCal, you never know when a quick coffee break turns into a midday beach walk and, alas, a sunburn. Cut the heat and redness right away with this soothing serum. Sun Worshiper’s serum soaks in right away and leaves skin hydrated and velvety smooth. This is a staple in in our ‘spa bag’ a tiny pouch of on-the-go balms and more. Also comes in a salve called ‘Pot of Gold’. We’ve got that too. 

Fat and the Moon beam highlighter is all natural and organic makeup to use on your cheekbones or under your eyebrows for a subtle and natural glow

Highlighting Beam - Fat and the Moon

The secret weapon to shine all season long and look fresh in photos is Fat and the Moon’s ‘Beam.’ A thoughtful gift for the person in your life who appreciates a little makeup free of synthetics and animal testing. Swipe a little on cheekbones or anywhere else to glow. 

Milford Sound soap by Wild Lather is all natural and handmade soap featuring essential oils like wild Lavender, Organic Cypress Leaf, and Organic Peppermint alongside detoxifiers like kaolin clay

Cold Process Soaps - Wild Lather

These organic soaps by Wild Lather are brand new to the shop and are also vegan, palm-free, and cruelty-free - as they should be. These are small batch soaps crafted by hand and featuring scents such as Milford Sound (smells like frozen pine and kindling) and 12 Apostles (smells like candied lavender and sea salt). Almost good enough to eat, but probably better suited as a stocking stuffer or thoughtful clean beauty gift for a loved one.

Premium soy + coconut blend candle with wood wick, hand poured by resettled refugees from Burma. Made with FSC Certified sustainable U.S. wood infused with a 100% natural blend of food-grade linseed and fruit oils.

Hand-Poured Candle - Prosperity Candle

Offer the gift of light and well-being with a Prosperity Candle, hand-poured by Burmese women who are earning meaningful employment in the US. Named for the core elements of happy lives, choose between Gratitude, Peace, Compassion, Joy and Kindness. We are loving Gratitude, which features lemon infused with jasmine, cedar and a hint of musk. Perfect for the holiday season and cozying up by a fire. Beautiful candles with a beautiful story and poured with a premium soy and coconut blend and featuring FSC Certified sustainable U.S. wood.

Handcrafted incense made near Cusco, Peru on a small farm committed to community development and Quechua traditions.

Sacred Plants Incense - Incausa

Do as the wisemen did and gift sacred plants along your holiday journeys. Espiritus del Ande incense blocks are handmade in Cusco Peru to offer tools for rituals in synch with nature. The green-box blend has a touch of rosemary that makes any space more welcoming and warm. Incausa makes all of their products mindfully and ethically, which we of course love. This incense was handcrafted near Cusco, Peru on a small farm committed to community development and Quechua traditions. 

Ceramic handmade incense or smudge plate shaped in a hand by Ivy Ivy Ivy Ceramics is a great gift when paired with incense

Ceramic Open Palm Plate - IIIVVVYYY Ceramics

Historically, an open hand is seen as a sign of protection. It also represents blessings, power and strength, and is particularly helpful in deflecting the evil eye. This is the perfect gift for your witchiest friend or loved one! Pair it with the Sacred Plants Incense, ethically-harvested sage or palo santo, or use it to store your smallest jewelry pieces. It's probably the most beautiful product in our Clean Beauty Gift Guide.

Owner of Thread Spun handmade and fair trade gift shop in Leucadia, California arranges some handmade wall hangings and apothecary products

We are over the moon to share our favorite clean bath and beauty and apothecary products with you. We truly believe in and use these products ourselves, and know you and your loved ones will appreciate them just as much as we do. The greatest part of one of these gifts may just be the peace of mind you receive knowing that your body’s fastest growing and largest organ (your skin!) will be treated to chemical-free, ethically harvested plant-based products.

Happy handmade shopping from our clean beauty apothecary!

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