A pair of handwoven Mohinders rest near handmade and fair trade bogolan and cactus silk Moroccan pillows

Staying Home

Well, we’re spending an unprecedented amount of time at home.  Depending on your constitution, this is either a blessing or a curse.  But let’s not get it twisted – it’s a privilege to stay home!  Still, it's something new that needs to be navigated and figured out.  Each day presents new challenges.  Personal space/time is perhaps hard-fought and elusive, and let's be real – tidiness is just an unrealistic goal.        

The confines of your home might be feeling a little stale and a little monotonous; if that’s the case we’ve got you covered.  We have ample ethically-made goods and wares that make for a cozier, more beautiful home. 

 Sometimes freshening up a space takes little more than some piñon room and linen spray or a luxurious bar of cold process soap. Little things can make all the difference.  Here are some of our favorite things for home. 



Sun totem stained glass wall hanging by Brewer and Marr

Sun Totem Stained Glass Wall Hanging - Brewer & Marr

Bring some much-welcome sunshine inside.  These colorful stained glass sun catchers and wall hangings are handmade in the Visalia, California workshop of Chelsea Brewer.  Oh how we love when they offer little moments of light throughout a busy day.



Moroccan straw woven plates made ethically and sustainably in Morocco

Moroccan Straw Woven Plate - Socco Wholesale

Bless this mess and put it in a basket!  Transitioning from "home mode" to "work mode" and back again is made more beautiful with these wide baskets, ethically handmade in Morocco.  Perfect for stashing everything from legos to legal briefs.  


Handwoven and fair trade rug by Minna

Handwoven Rug - Minna

No better time to invest in a few high-quality goods to level up the coziness factor at home.  This wool rug from Minna is woven by hand in Oaxaca, Mexico and is an heirloom in the making.  One of the many reasons we love Minna is their commitment to job creation and craft preservation throughout Central and South America. 



Fair trade and bohemian beaded and hanging plant hanger

Wood Beaded Plant Hanger - Village Thrive

Did you know that plants purify the air in your home?  They also make you happier, it's been proven by science.  If you need planters, we've got you covered.  Our current favorites are these beaded plant hangers, made by artisans in Bali.



Handmade ceramic canyon mug by Ivy Ivy Ivy Ceramics

Canyon Mug - I I I V V V Y Y Y Ceramics

Is there anything more beautiful than a sweeping desert vista? We think not. The canyon mug evokes the wide open spaces of the southwest, even if you're simply enjoying a cup of tea in your kitchen at home. Handmade in Brooklyn, New York by Ivy Weinglass. 



Ojas Ayurvedic cookbook

Ojas Cookbook - W&P

This gorgeous cookbook by Nira Kehar offers keys to balance and healing through learning to eat according to one's dosha or individual physical constitution.  Ancient Ayurvedic wisdom ciphered through modern recipes.  Spices, seasonal, intuitive cooking, beauty in food - yes please.



 Hand stitched and fair trade ember pillow in deep green with white accents made in Thailand

Hand-Stitched Ember Pillow

We've personally been spending a lot more time cozying up on our couches with a good book and spending time with loved ones. What better way to do this than relaxing with a soft, 100% pillow. This handwoven pillow is designed in California and hand-stitched in Thailand. Sometimes a few new decorative pillows are all you need to refresh your space.



Joshua tree candle by Norden Goods made in San Diego

Joshua Tree Candle - Norden Goods

Even if you're unable to travel at the moment, you can still venture to your favorite Southern California locations like Joshua Tree with this candle by Norden. Hand poured candle featuring Hinoki, Juniper and Eucalyptus. Fragranced with 100% essential oils. Smells like deep wood tones, bright herbal notes, and eucalyptus.



Burgundy suede slippers made by hand in Morocco in an ethical working environment

Burgundy Suede Slippers - Socco Wholesale

 Along with pants, shoes have perhaps lost their appeal and usefulness.  These soft-soled slippers, however, are just right for our new home-based lifestyle.  Ethically handmade in Morocco with vegetable-tanned suede, coziness knows no bounds.  


 Let's make the most of staying home.

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