Amanda Hunt

Poppy Tarot Necklace

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Handmade bronze tarot necklace featuring a California poppy flower. A tarot card from the plant world to adorn your neck. Hand carved in wax from original drawings by Arwyn Moonrise.  Each plant has special symbolism for you to carry with you.  


The poppy flower has many different meanings across cultures. Golden poppies are a gem of California and are always abundant after the rain. Covering hillsides and sidewalks alike, this happy wildflower of resilience is a symbol of prosperity and inner light. 


  • Hand cast yellow bronze or sterling silver
  • 1 inch by ½ inch pendant
  • 18" chain

Both bronze and brass are alloys of copper. The high copper content in brass and bronze can cause it to darken over time. This is primarily due to a reaction to water and humidity. Some people, depending on their personal PH balance, experience a green coloring to the skin when it comes in contact with bronze and brass. This is perfectly harmless and is due to the copper content.  If you prefer to avoid the dark patina to the metal, try to keep your bronze and brass as dry as possible. Take your ring off when washing your hands and dry your hands thoroughly before putting your ring back on. You can also coat the inside of the ring with a clear nail polish this will form a barrier between your skin and the ring. If tarnish begins to occur, a Sunshine Cloth can be used for touch ups. For a bright shine, it is easiest to use a commercial polish like Brasso to restore your piece to its original luster.