Eco-Friendly Color-In Tablecloth

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This tablecloth makes for the best – and most educational - fun at mealtimes or parties! Made from durable 100% cotton canvas, it comes complete with a set of 10 wash-out fabric markers for endless creativity. Use less paper and be eco-friendly by reusing this "coloring book" time after time, simply toss in the washing machine after use. Available in a World Map style and in Animals of the world style.

The tablecloth can be colored in while the kids discover all about the places and icons or animals they are coloring – it’s perfect for keeping kids busy and happy at the table during family or celebration meals. Afterwards, just pop the tablecloth on a warm machine wash and the ink comes out completely, ready for the next grand tour! Perfect for daydream journeys, coloring and fun learning while being environmentally friendly.

Product size: 50in x 33in. Fabric: 100% cotton. Pack weight: 13oz. Care: wash warm/40°, dry naturally.
Made in Turkey