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Candylab Toys

Toy Garbage Truck

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Toy Garbage Truck by Candylab Toys features solid beech wood, water-based paints, and ABS plastic wheels. Made sustainably, made to last, made for fun.

Dimensions5.75" L x 2" W x 2.75" H

About Candylab: Products that are made from stuff that grows, matures, spends some time as a toy, and returns back to mother Earth, without sickening anyone during its life cycle. Wood, soy inks, water-based paints, degradable rubber, and metal parts are all part of our old school way of making toys, with a modern design twist. We avoid plastic packaging like the plague that it is and continuously look for ways to make our supply chain more efficient.

Lastly, the beech we use in making our toys comes from North American, well-managed forests where we can trace its path to our woodworking shop.