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Sweet Yuzu Vinegar

Sweet Yuzu Vinegar


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Cabi's Sweet Yuzu Vinegar (Vinaigrette) gives a refreshing, aromatic, and bright twist to any of your dishes. Real yuzu peels are mixed in for some texture and an extra zing.

Real Yuzu Peels: Crafted with authentic yuzu peels for freshness.

Versatile Pairing: Enhances salads, dressings, and glazes with a unique twist. Also used as sushi rice vinegar.

Barrel-Aged Fermentation: Within the process of rice vinegar production, there is a sake-making step. Many vinegar breweries outsource sake as an ingredient and add it before fermentation. Cabi, however, creates everything, including sake, from scratch to control the aroma and outstanding flavors of the rice vinegar itself. 

Ingredients: Vinegar, Sugar, Yuzu Peel, Salt

All crafted in Japan.

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