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Sarong in Paradise Shell

Sarong in Paradise Shell


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Mirth's hand loomed fabric is made in rural India by artisan weavers using pedals, shuttles, and manpower to weave the fabric, all without the aid of electricity. The multi-step process is carried out by the community, from warping yarns and winding cones, to starching fabric and setting up the loom.

They collaborate with a family of 7th generation master printers in Bagru, India to create their block printed fabric. Each part of the process of this ancient technique takes place in this community: hand carving blocks out of wood, creating Azo-free dyes, hand printing the fabric, and washing and setting the final textiles.

Oversized rectangular sarong

42" x 64"
Wear it as a coverup at the beach, spread it out as a blanket, or double wrap it and wear it as a skirt
100% cotton

Handmade in India.

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