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Pot of Gold Repair Face Balm

Pot of Gold Repair Face Balm

Urb Apothecary

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Urb Apothecary turned their best selling Sun Worshiper Serum into a buttery soft face balm. For sun lovers and worshipers, repairing sun damage, brightening dark spots, clearing acne, soothing sunburns, healing wounds, and improving overall skin health and tone. We added organic jojoba grown and pressed right at the farm in Arizona, raspberry seed CO2 for this ability to protect the skin from harmful sun rays, and passionfruit seed oil because it's luxuriant texture just couldn't be ignored. 

.5 oz tin

jojoba oil infused with calendula, sunflower oil, high linoleic safflower oil, baobab oil, passion fruit seed oil, red raspberry CO2, rosehip seed CO2, sea buckthorn CO2 oil, essential oils of helichrysum and ho wood, vitamin e

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