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Organic Lather Hand & Body Soap

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The Nada Shop believes in sustainability. That you can live a sustainable lifestyle and still use kick-ass products (and it shouldn’t be a huge lifestyle adjustment). They believe taking care of the Earth is cool and want to help you get you there. Refill this glass bottle at their store location in Encinitas and receive 40% the refill. Available in four amazing scents. 

Organic Lather Hand and Body Soap | 16oz

Biodegradable | Non-Toxic | Sulfate-Free | Paraben-Free

Clean + Consciously Crafted with Nothing to Hide

  • Responsibly packaged in an aluminum bottle or glass makes this the perfect hand and body wash for your shower, kitchen, or bathroom.

  • A little goes a long way, each bottle lasts approximately 350 washes!

  • No synthetic fragrance. Nope! Only pure essential oils.

Make Washing a Mindful Ritual, Suds Up with Organic Lather Hand & Body Soap