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Ocotillo Flower Essence

Ocotillo Flower Essence

Bhava Wellness

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Like most desert plants, ocotillos are resilient and can withstand such intensity within their surroundings. When these beauties are in bloom, they steal the show. Nothing compares, not even the grand Saguaro.

The essence of this fiery flower has been created for us so that we too can share in the strength, protection, sacral and root balancing medicine that it so graciously provides. This essence grounds us in time and space, it wakes us up to our own inner wisdom, inner connectedness, our sensuality. The bright red flowers radiance invites us to slow down and travel deeper into our experience.  Ocotillo brings us peace and mental clarity so that we may pursue our relationship with both the higher channels of our consciousness while we balance the power of the fire element within our body/mind. Together we embark on a new journey of the soul and together we rise.

Elemental healing: Fire + Air + Ether

What is a flower essence?
Flower Essences embody the wisdom and energy teachings of the flower in which they are created. When you work with the energy medicine of the flower, you are choosing to spend time in the healing energy of the plant. Using a flower essence is the act of drinking or anointing oneself in the beauty, the presence, and the unique landscape in which it and it's medicine comes from.
Flower essences permeate our energy field with their healing vibration, bringing balance to our emotional patterns and how we respond to them. As emotional beings, without fail, we will feel and integrate into the world around us and can always appreciate a little support.

How to use a flower essence:
The wonderful thing about flower essences is that there are so many ways that we can bring their medicine into our lives. We can use them like we would an herbal tincture, taking a few drops and up to a dropper full directly under the tongue or in your favorite hydrating drink. Perhaps it’s topically that you prefer, you can abolutely use any flower essence directly on the physical body. Some people like to gently dab a few drops on pulse points, the heart, the nape of the neck, acupuncture points or marma points, or any place where your intuition directs you. The essence can even be added to your daily moisturizing body oil or face oil. We love to use them in the bath, in our hair, or try adding a few drops to a mister bottle filled with water and using it in a room or on yourself.

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