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Night Routine Journal

Night Routine Journal

Wilde House Paper

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The Night Routine Journal is a space for you to dive deeper into what is important for you to feel your best at the end of each day. You’ll close your day with a nightly reflection journal entry that records your mood, tracks your nightly rituals and gives you space to write down what you are grateful for from the past day as well as write out your top three priorities for tomorrow to go to sleep with a clear state-of-mind. By ending your day with gratitude and setting yourself up for a productive day tomorrow, you are establishing an intentional daily cycle of consciousness that allows you to live as your fullest self.

It takes 66 days to form a new habit making this journal a perfect place to start by tracking your daily progress towards crafting your ideal night routine.

5.5’’ x 8.5’’
66 daily prompted journal entires for developing your ideal nighttime routine
Printed on luxe recycled stock made from 30% post-consumer waste
Perfect bound

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