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Honeycomb Suncatcher

Honeycomb Suncatcher

Culotta Creations

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Handmade stained glass honeycomb suncatcher made with a beautiful variety of glass. These pieces were custom made for Thread Spun by Culotta Creations. You can hang this panel in a window, on the wall as decor or even an outside patio.

Due to the nature of the glass used in creating these pieces, when hung in a sunny place or near a light source, they create colorful shadows. Bubbles in the glass is natural and create dynamic shadows because of it.

Measures about 9.75 x 5.25", hung up it's almost 10" in length total
Minimal cleaning is recommended, wipe clean with a soft, slightly damp cloth

Culotta Creations is an independent stained glass studio making everything from home decor to large window panels & installation art. Her designs are highly influenced by geometric & organic architecture, think Art Deco mixed with sacred geometry.

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