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Classic Avarcas Sandals | Olive

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Our women's Classic Pons Avarcas in Olive are a soft green which provide the perfect hint of subtle color. A versatile Spanish Sandal, Pons are made in Menorca by local artisans with high quality soft Nubuck leather and a comfortable rubber sole. We love to pair our Olive Pons with natural leather accessories, dark denim, and a white top.

Pons are ethically made by hand with sustainability and longevity in mind. The raw materials are all sourced locally in Spain, including the rubber sole (the classic style features a sole made from 10% recycled tires) and the high-quality natural vecchio leather— which is sourced from ethically raised livestock. Pons are chrome dyed to strict EU REACH standards. The Pons workshop in Ciutadella is owned and operated by the third-generation of the Pons family and employs about a dozen local craftspeople, some who have spent their entire adult lives honing their shoemaking craft.