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canvas and cassette summer issue

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Canvas and Cassette is a New York based magazine conceptualized by Autumn Farina and Marissa Passi in June 2017. The summer issue is packed with beautiful illustrations, interviews and inspiring stories from the creative community!

In this issue: In the Studio with Amber Vittoria, The Way We Scroll with Sarah Bassett, In Conversation with Emma Bowers, and more.

Through this print magazine, the founders illustrate their dedication to building a community and creating content that empowers everyone to pave their own paths through what personally motivates them to lead creative lives. Rather than only focusing on visual art and music, they consider the creative field to be broader. Any work that is aesthetically beautiful, filled with drive and encourages others to follow their own dreams is art in their eyes.

The mission at canvas and cassette is to create a supportive community that uplifts and provides resources to everyone, motivating their readers to follow their own passions and produce content that resonates with all who hope to be inspired.