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California Cotton T-Shirt - Naturally Dyed

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Each California Cotton T-shirt is hand-dyed with locally-foraged native plants, illuminating the spirit of our Southern California landscape, and completed with silk-screened logo.

All are constructed with Cleaner Cotton™, grown in California, and knit in San Francisco. As part of the Sustainable Cotton Project, Cleaner Cotton™ supports farmers that are transitioning their land from conventional to organic, a timely and costly effort. The sale of each t-shirt supports this transition.

Available in from left to right (first image): Sunray (dyed with California sagebrush), Mauve (dyed with California buckwheat), Blush (dyed with California buckwheat) and Sand (dyed with California sagebrush)

Designed by All Species, each piece is singular, imperfect, with each step in the process 100% traceable, transparent and local. Please note the naturally-dyed and handmade nature of each garment will result in slight variations in color. You will receive a shirt similar to the one pictured, but not exactly the same as.

One Size- All Species of Human. Care: Wash gently in cold water, with biodegradable soap, and hang to dry in the shade.

This garment was hand-made in Southern CA with regionally relevant botanical color and cloth.