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White Sonora Pancake Mix

White Sonora Pancake Mix

Hayden Flour Mills

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This pancake mix features White Sonora, a sweet buttery grain that is the oldest wheat variety in North America. Minimal ingredients are used so you can really taste the grain.

Simple “just add water & butter” mix means in just a matter of minutes, you’ll be piling on your favorite toppings and exclaiming, “these are the best pancakes I’ve ever had!"

Arizona Grown
Freshly Milled
1 lb

Ingredients: White Sonora Flour, Hard Red Spring Flour, Dry Milk, Powdered Honey, Leavening, Dried Whole Eggs, Salt.
Allergens: Contains Wheat, eggs & milk.
Do not consume raw.

Hayden Four Mills sustainable practices look like... operating a 100% solar-powered mill, planting low water use crops, and cultivating only non-GMO seeds.

A team of father & daughter, driven by the mission to bring back the forgotten flavor and goodness of heritage and ancient grains. Their story is not only one rooted in agricultural history, but also family history.

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