Filosofia is a Los Angeles-based apparel company, emphasizing sustainability, quality and timeless comfort. Their story begins with three straightforward priorities. 
First and foremost, they want more sustainability in the fashion industry — they envision a low-impact brand that uses resources responsibly. Filosofia makes an effort every day to reduce their waste and emissions.
Secondly, they design wearable garments that anyone could reach for every day and for any occasion. They’re crafted expertly and ethically, supporting each individual along the production line. Filosofia wants these garments to be as functional and easy to wear as they are beautiful.
Finally, Filosofia hopes to create a space to hone and share their philosophy with the rest of our community where they could move forward, collectively, into a more loving and conscientious future.
This company takes many aspects into consideration when choosing textiles, including the desired appearance, feel, and availability. All Filosofia apparel is ethically made in the U.S.A. or in South Korea.